Reina, Giulio

Reina, Giulio  

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Settore ING-IND/13 - Meccanica Applicata alle Macchine  

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3D reconstruction and classification of natural environments by an autonomous vehicle using multi-baseline stereo 1-gen-2014 Reina G. +
3D traversability awareness for rough terrain mobile robots 1-gen-2014 Reina G.Giannoccaro N. I. +
A 3D-laser scanner for autonomous mobile robots 1-gen-2010 Reina G.Giannoccaro N. I. +
A factor-graph-based approach to vehicle sideslip angle estimation 1-gen-2021 Leanza A.Reina G. +
A general framework for modeling and dynamic simulation of multibody systems using factor graphs 1-gen-2021 Leanza A.Reina G. +
A multi-sensor robotic platform for ground mapping and estimation beyond the visible spectrum 1-gen-2019 Giulio Reina +
A multisensor platform for comprehensive detection of crop status: Results from two case studies 1-gen-2017 Reina G. +
A novel optimal path-planning and following algorithm for wheeled robots on deformable terrains 1-gen-2021 Giulio Reina +
A Path Tracking Algorithm for an Autonomous Wind-Driven Robot 1-gen-2021 Fabio CarusoMario FogliaGiulio Reina
A proposed software framework aimed at energy-efficient autonomous driving of electric vehicles 1-gen-2014 Reina G. +
A proposed software framework for studying the grasp stability of underactuated fingers 1-gen-2019 Giulio Reina +
A self-learning framework for statistical ground classification using radar and monocular vision 1-gen-2015 Reina G. +
A survey of ranging and imaging techniques for precision agriculture phenotyping 1-gen-2017 Reina G. +
A theoretical model for multi-layer jamming systems 1-gen-2022 Fabio CarusoGiacomo MantriotaLuciano AfferranteGiulio Reina
A toolbox for the analysis of the grasp stability of underactuated fingers 1-gen-2019 Giulio Reina +
Active vibration absorber for automotive suspensions: A theoretical study 1-gen-2016 Reina G. +
Adam’s hand: An underactuated robotic end-effector 1-gen-2017 Reina G. +
Adaptive heading correction for an industrial heavy-duty omnidirectional robot 1-gen-2022 Galati R.Mantriota G.Reina G.
Adaptive Kalman filtering for GPS-based mobile robot localization 1-gen-2007 Reina G. +
Adaptive multi-sensor perception for driving automation in outdoor contexts 1-gen-2014 Reina G. +