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Einstein@Home discovers a radio-quiet gamma-ray millisecond pulsar, file dd89f8a4-cfe9-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 24
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Spectrum of the Isotropic Diffuse Gamma-Ray Emission Derived from First-Year Fermi Large Area Telescope Data, file dd89f8a2-bd42-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 16
Observations of Milky way dwarf spheroidal galaxies with the Fermi-large area telescope detector and constraints on dark matter models, file dd89f8a2-bda8-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 16
Fermi large area telescope observation of a gamma-ray source at the position of eta carinae, file dd89f8a2-c207-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 16
Multi-wavelength observations of blazar AO 0235+164 in the 2008-2009 flaring state, file dd89f8a4-a6da-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 16
Fermi large area telescope study of cosmic rays and the interstellar medium in nearby molecular clouds, file dd89f8a4-ad26-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 16
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Fermi large area telescope gamma-ray detection of the radio galaxy m87, file dd89f8a4-e441-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 16
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Fermi Large Area Telescope view of the core of the radio galaxy Centaurus A, file dd89f8a2-8ded-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 15
The Fermi-LAT high-latitude survey: Source count distributions and the origin of the extragalactic diffuse background, file dd89f8a2-ad46-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 15
Fermi-LAT study of Gamma-ray emission in the direction of supernova remnant W49B, file dd89f8a2-b3ed-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 15
Fermi observations of Cassiopeia and Cepheus: Diffuse gamma-ray emission in the outer galaxy, file dd89f8a2-bd49-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 15
Gamma-ray and radio properties of six pulsars detected by the Fermi large area telescope, file dd89f8a2-bf00-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 15
PSR J1907+0602: A RADIO-FAINT GAMMA-RAY PULSAR POWERING A BRIGHT TeV PULSAR WIND NEBULA RID G-6769-2011 RID A-5582-2009 RID E-6884-2011, file dd89f8a2-c1d7-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 15
Pulsed gamma rays from the millisecond pulsar J0030+0451 with the fermi large area telescope, file dd89f8a4-8e85-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 15
Fermi-LAT observations of the diffuse gamma-ray emission: Implications for cosmic rays and the interstellar medium, file dd89f8a4-a535-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 15
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γ -Ray and parsec-scale jet properties of a complete sample of blazars from the mojave program, file dd89f8a4-b168-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 15
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Fermi observations of gamma-ray emission from the moon, file dd89f8a2-a221-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 14
Fermi observations of the very hard gamma-ray blazar PG1553+113, file dd89f8a2-ae6c-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 14
FERMI Large Area Telescope and multi-wavelength observations of the flaring activity of PKS 1510-089 between 2008 September and 2009 June, file dd89f8a2-b3ee-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 14
Gamma-ray light curves and variability of bright Fermi-detected blazars, file dd89f8a2-bda5-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 14
Fermi-LAT observations of the Geminga pulsar, file dd89f8a2-bfb1-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 14
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Observations of the Large Magellanic Cloud with Fermi, file dd89f8a2-c252-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 14
The radio/gamma-ray connection in active galactic nuclei in the era of the fermi large area telescope, file dd89f8a4-a6ed-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 14
Radio and γ-ray constraints on the emission geometry and birthplace of PSR j2043+2740, file dd89f8a4-a855-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 14
Fermi large area telescope observations of Markarian 421: The missing piece of its spectral energy distribution, file dd89f8a4-a8f3-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 14
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Fermi large area telescope second source catalog, file dd89f8a4-b25b-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 14
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Fermi observations of TeV-Selected active galactic nuclei, file dd89f8a5-072f-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 14
FERMI LARGE AREA TELESCOPE THIRD SOURCE CATALOG, file dd89f8a5-2e4e-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 14
Pulsed gamma-rays from PSR j2021+3651 with the Fermi large area telescope, file dd89f8a5-2fb9-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 14
Fermi large area telescope observations of the vela pulsar, file dd89f8a5-2fc0-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 14
Measurement of electromagnetic and TEV muon components of extensive air showers by eas-top and MACRO experiments, file dd89f8a5-3924-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 14
Fermi Large Area Telescope constraints on the gamma-ray opacity of the universe, file dd89f8a2-8bdf-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 13
The first fermi large area telescope catalog of gamma-ray pulsars, file dd89f8a2-8dfb-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 13
Fermi large area telescope observations of the supernova remnant W28 (G6.4-0.1), file dd89f8a2-bacc-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 13
PKS 1502+106: a new and distant gamma-ray blazar in outburst discovered by the fermi large area telescope, file dd89f8a2-bcf9-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 13
Fermi lat observation of diffuse gamma rays produced through interactions between local interstellar matter and high-energy cosmic rays, file dd89f8a4-8c67-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 13
Insights into the high-energy γ-ray emission of Markarian 501 from extensive multifrequency observations in the Fermi era, file dd89f8a4-9b6a-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 13
Gamma-ray observations of the orion molecular clouds with the fermi large area telescope, file dd89f8a4-a6ee-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 13
2FHL: The SECOND CATALOG of HARD FERMI-LAT SOURCES, file dd89f8a4-d1b7-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 13
Spectral properties of bright fermi-detected blazars in the gamma-ray band, file dd89f8a2-bddf-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 12
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Fermi/large area telescope bright gamma-ray source list, file dd89f8a5-2fc1-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 12
The Fermi Galactic Center GeV Excess and Implications for Dark Matter, file 7da0b883-b9a8-495e-869a-ec8eeeda51d0 11
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Searching for Dark Matter Annihilation from Milky Way Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies with Six Years of Fermi Large Area Telescope Data, file dd89f8a6-e54e-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 11
The vela pulsar: results from the first year of Fermi Lat observations, file dd89f8a2-bc48-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 10
Detection of high-energy gamma-ray emission during the X-ray flaring activity in GRB 100728A, file dd89f8a4-a6f0-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 6
Discovery of high-energy gamma-ray emission from the binary system PSR B1259-63/LS 2883 around periastron with Fermi, file dd89f8a4-ae94-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 6
Multifrequency Studies of the Peculiar Quasar 4C +21.35 During the 2010 Flaring Activity, file dd89f8a4-aab5-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 5
Fermi observations of high-energy gamma-ray emission from GRB 080825c, file dd89f8a4-f37f-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 5
Fermi-lat discovery of gev gamma-ray emission from the young supernova remnant cassiopeia A, file dd89f8a2-907c-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 4
GRB110721A: An extreme peak energy and signatures of the photosphere, file dd89f8a4-b0a9-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 4
Fermi-LAT Observations of LIGO/Virgo Event GW170817, file dd89f8a4-b856-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 4
The Third Catalog of Active Galactic Nuclei Detected by the Fermi Large Area Telescope, file dd89f8a4-b94a-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 4
FERMI-LAT OBSERVATIONS of HIGH-ENERGY gamma-RAY EMISSION TOWARD the GALACTIC CENTER, file dd89f8a4-d1cd-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 4
Fermi observations of GRB 090510: A short-hard gamma-ray burst with an additional, hard power-law component from 10 keV to GeV energies, file dd89f8a2-bda3-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 3
Fermi observations of high-energy gamma-ray emission from GRB 090217A, file dd89f8a2-c20b-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 3
The spectrum of isotropic diffuse gamma-ray emission between 100 MeV and 820 GeV, file dd89f8a4-9290-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 3
Constraining the high-energy emission from gamma-ray bursts with Fermi, file dd89f8a4-a8f5-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 3
PSR J2021+4026 in the gamma cygni region: The first variable γ-ray pulsar seen by the fermi lat, file dd89f8a4-b8d9-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 3
Measurement of the high-energy gamma-ray emission from the Moon with the Fermi Large Area Telescope, file dd89f8a4-d690-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 3
Simultaneous observations of PKS 2155–304 with Hess, Fermi, RXTE, and atom: spectral energy distributions and variability in a low state, file dd89f8a5-3555-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 3
The Fermi Galactic Center GeV Excess and Implications for Dark Matter, file dd89f8a6-95c9-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 3
Measurement of the Cosmic Ray e(+)+e(-) Spectrum from 20 GeV to 1 TeV with the Fermi Large Area Telescope, file dd89f8a2-8ea8-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 2
Discovery of very high energy gamma rays from PKS 1424+240 and multiwavelength constraints on ITS redshift, file dd89f8a2-960f-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 2
Investigating the Nature of Late-time High-energy GRB Emission through Joint Fermi/Swift Observations, file dd89f8a4-8b53-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 2
The spectrum and morphology of the Fermi bubbles, file dd89f8a4-9309-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 2
Anisotropies in the diffuse gamma-ray background measured by the Fermi LAT, file dd89f8a4-d266-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 2
The large area telescope on the fermi gamma-ray space telescope mission, file dd89f8a4-e6ab-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 2
Deep broadband observations of the distant gamma-ray blazar PKS 1424+240, file dd89f8a5-b6fa-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 2
SUPPLEMENT: "lOCALIZATION and BROADBAND FOLLOW-UP of the GRAVITATIONAL-WAVE TRANSIENT GW150914" (2016, ApJL, 826, L13), file dd89f8a6-a795-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 2
Characterization of polycrystalline diamond films grown by Microwave Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (MWPECVD) for UV radiation detection, file dd89f8a2-88c6-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 1
Detection of 16 Gamma-Ray Pulsars Through Blind Frequency Searches Using the Fermi LAT, file dd89f8a2-8a91-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 1
FERMI LARGE AREA TELESCOPE FIRST SOURCE CATALOG, file dd89f8a2-8dee-ccdd-e053-6605fe0a1b87 1
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