Grieco, Luigi Alfredo

Grieco, Luigi Alfredo  

Dipartimento di Ingegneria Elettrica e dell'Informazione  

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A BIBD Based MAC Protocol for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks with Directional Antennas 1-gen-2008 BOGGIA, GennaroCAMARDA, PietroGRIECO, Luigi Alfredo +
A Call Admission Control with Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation for providing delay guarantees in IEEE 802.11e Networks 1-gen-2004 BOGGIA, GennaroCAMARDA, PietroGRIECO, Luigi AlfredoMASCOLO, Saverio +
A CNN-based object-oriented coding system for real-time video compression 1-gen-2004 Di Sciascio, E.GRIECO, Luigi Alfredo +
A collision free MAC protocol for energy saving in wireless ad hoc networks 1-gen-2004 G. BoggiaP. CamardaM. CastellanoL. A. GriecoS. Mascolo +
A comprehensive review on energy harvesting MAC protocols in WSNs: Challenges and tradeoffs 1-gen-2018 Sherazi, Hafiz Husnain RazaGrieco, Luigi AlfredoBoggia, Gennaro
A congestion control algorithm for the deep space Internet 1-gen-2005 Grieco, Luigi A.Mascolo, Saverio
A Congestion Control Algorithm for the Planetary Internet 1-gen-2005 Grieco, L. A.Mascolo, S.
A Control Theoretic Approach for supporting Quality of Service in IEEE 802.11e WLANs with HCF 1-gen-2003 GRIECO, Luigi AlfredoBOGGIA, GennaroMASCOLO, Saverio +
A cross-layer approach to enhance TCP fairness in wireless Ad-hoc networks 1-gen-2005 G. BoggiaP. CamardaL. A. Grieco +
A de-verticalizing middleware for IoT systems based on information centric networking design 1-gen-2017 Piro, GiuseppeRibezzo, GiuseppeGrieco, Luigi Alfredo +
A Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation Algorithm for Supporting Real-time Applications in 802.15.3 WPANs 1-gen-2007 G. BoggiaP. CamardaL. A. Grieco +
A Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation Algorithm for WLANs with HCF Access Method 1-gen-2003 Gennaro BoggiaPietro CamardaLuigi A. GriecoSaverio Mascolo +
A Dynamic Random Graph Model for Diameter-Constrained Topologies in Networked Systems 1-gen-2014 GRIECO, Luigi Alfredo +
A fairness analysis of content centric networks 1-gen-2011 I. CianciL. A. GriecoG. BoggiaP. Camarda +
A Feedback Control Strategy for Energy-Harvesting in Diffusion-Based Molecular Communication Systems 1-gen-2021 V. MusaG. PiroL. A. GriecoG. Boggia
A Frequency Domain Model to Predict the Estimation Accuracy of Packet Sampling 1-gen-2010 GRIECO, Luigi Alfredo +
A Hashing-based Anti-Collision Algorithm for RFID Tag Identification 1-gen-2007 BOGGIA, GennaroCAMARDA, PietroGRIECO, Luigi Alfredo +
A hybrid network model embracing NB-IoT and D2D Communications: Stochastic geometry analysis 1-gen-2020 Hafiz Husnain Raza SheraziLuigi Alfredo Grieco +
A Lean Control Theoretic Approach to Energy-Harvesting in Diffusion-Based Molecular Communications 1-gen-2020 Musa VittoriaPiro GiuseppeGrieco Luigi AlfredoBoggia Gennaro
A Markov Model for characterizing IEEE 802.15.4 MAC Layer in Noisy Environments 1-gen-2014 STRICCOLI, DomenicoBOGGIA, GennaroGRIECO, Luigi Alfredo