Massari, Giovanni Francesco

Massari, Giovanni Francesco  

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Adopting GRI Standards for the Circular Economy strategies disclosure: the case of Italy 1-gen-2023 Giovanni F. MassariIlaria Giannoccaro
Are distrust relationships beneficial for group performance? The influence of the scope of distrust on the emergence of collective intelligence 1-gen-2018 Massari, Giovanni FrancescoGiannoccaro, IlariaCarbone, Giuseppe
Are distrust relationships beneficial for group performance? The influence of the scope of distrust on the emergence of collective intelligence 1-gen-2019 Giovanni F. MassariIlaria GiannoccaroGiuseppe Carbone
Beyond collective intelligence: Collective adaptation 1-gen-2023 Carbone G.Giannoccaro I.Massari G. F. +
Circular Business Models and driving factors for organizational resilience: A Systematic Literature Review. 1-gen-2022 Giovanni Francesco Massari +
Circular Supply Chains as Complex Adaptive Systems: a conceptual framework. 1-gen-2022 Giovanni Francesco MassariRaffaele NacchieroIlaria Filomena Giannoccaro
Impacts of Industry 4.0 Technologies on Supply Chain Resilience 1-gen-2022 Massari G. F. +
Investigating the effect of coopetition strategy on supply chain resilience in complex environments. 1-gen-2020 Giovanni Francesco MassariIlaria Filomena Giannoccaro
Investigating the effect of horizontal coopetition on supply chain resilience in complex and turbulent environments 1-gen-2021 Massari G. F.Giannoccaro I.
Mimicking the collective intelligence of human groups as an optimization tool for complex problems 1-gen-2018 De Vincenzo, IlarioMassari, Giovanni FrancescoGiannoccaro, IlariaCarbone, Giuseppe +
On the synergetic relationship between Circular Economy and Resilience: findings from a systematic literature review 1-gen-2022 Massari G. F. +
Relating size and functionality in human social networks through complexity 1-gen-2020 Massari G. F. +
Search behavior of individuals working in teams: A behavioral study on complex landscapes 1-gen-2020 Ilaria GiannoccaroGiovanni Francesco MassariGiuseppe Carbone +
Simulating the network structures in the Circular Economy and their impact on resilience 1-gen-2022 Massari G. F.Giannoccaro I.
Team resilience in complex and turbulent environments: The effect of size and density of social interactions 1-gen-2018 Giannoccaro, IlariaMassari, Giovanni F.Carbone, Giuseppe
Team Social Network Structure and Resilience: A Complex System Approach 1-gen-2023 Giovanni Francesco MassariIlaria GiannoccaroGiuseppe Carbone
The role of digital technologies on the transition toward circular supply chains. A systematic literature review. 1-gen-2021 Giovanni Francesco MassariMassimiliano PerrelliIlaria Filomena Giannoccaro