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Manganese catalysed dehydrogenative synthesis of polyureas from diformamide and diamines 1-gen-2023 Tricarico, Michele +
Mechanical properties and nanostructure of monolithic zeolitic imidazolate frameworks: a nanoindentation, nanospectroscopy, and finite element study 1-gen-2022 Tricarico, Michele +
Nanomechanical behaviour of the monolithic framework solids: an experimental and modelling study 1-gen-2023 TRICARICO, Michele
Nanostructure-dependent indentation fracture toughness of metal-organic framework monoliths 1-gen-2023 Michele Tricarico +
Nanotrap Grafted Anionic MOF for Superior Uranium Extraction from Seawater 1-gen-2024 Tricarico, Michele +
On adhesive theories in multilayered interfaces, with particular regard to "surface force apparatus" geometry 1-gen-2019 Michele TricaricoAntonio PapangeloMichele Ciavarella +
Resilient photoswitchable metal–organic frameworks for sunlight-induced on-demand photochromism in the solid state 1-gen-2023 Tricarico, Michele +
Shape-shifting panel from 3D printed undulated ribbon lattice 1-gen-2021 Michele Tricarico +
Sol-gel processing of a covalent organic framework for the generation of hierarchically porous monolithic adsorbents 1-gen-2022 Tricarico, Michele +
Stress–strain relationships and yielding of metal-organic framework monoliths 1-gen-2023 Michele Tricarico +
Turn-On Fluorescence Chemical Sensing through Transformation of Self-Trapped Exciton States at Room Temperature 1-gen-2022 Tricarico M. +
Viscoelastic amplification of the pull-off stress in the detachment of a rigid flat punch from an adhesive soft viscoelastic layer 1-gen-2024 Maghami, AliTricarico, MicheleCiavarella, MichelePapangelo, Antonio