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A co-simulation procedure for optimal reactive power control in active distribution networks 1-gen-2023 G. TricaricoG. ForteM. Dicorato +
A Modified Version of the IEEE 39-bus Test System for the Day-Ahead Market 1-gen-2023 G. TricaricoM. DicoratoG. Forte +
A testbed for modelling Active Distribution Systems using Cyber-Physical Co-simulation 1-gen-2022 Tricarico, G +
A time-series hosting capacity assessment of the maximum distributed energy resource production 1-gen-2023 G. TricaricoF. MarasciuoloG. ForteM. Dicorato +
Co-simulation-based optimal reactive power control in smart distribution network 1-gen-2023 Tricarico G. +
Contributions to Tertiary Reserve Requirements under Operating Conditions and Uncertainties 1-gen-2022 Tricarico G.Dicorato M.Forte G. +
Cyber-Physical Co-Simulation Testbed for Real-Time Reactive Power Control in Smart Distribution Network 1-gen-2022 Tricarico, Gioacchino +
Cyber-physical Framework for System Frequency Response using Real-time simulation Phasor Measurement Unit based on ANSI C37.118 1-gen-2023 Tricarico, Gioacchino +
Electricity markets, network and generation evolution towards the decarbonization process of the power systems 1-gen-2023 Tricarico, Gioacchino
Experiences in a Cyber-Physical Co-Simulation Testbed Development for a Smart-er Distribution Network 1-gen-2023 Gioacchino Tricarico +
Market-driven sizing and siting of generation investment 1-gen-2022 Tricarico G.Martucci M.Forte G.Dicorato M. +
Performance analysis of EV stations optimal operation in DC microgrid configurations 1-gen-2020 Maria DicoratoGioacchino TricaricoFrancesca MarasciuoloGiuseppe ForteMichele Trovato
Real-Time Implementation of Two Grid-Forming Power Converter Controls to Emulate Synchronous Generators 1-gen-2022 Tricarico, Gioacchino +
Security Constrained Unit Commitment and Economic Dispatch applied to the Modified IEEE 39-bus system Case 1-gen-2022 Tricarico G.Forte G.Dicorato M. +
Security Constrained Unit Commitment and Economic Dispatch by AC Sensitivity Factors 1-gen-2022 Tricarico G.Forte G.Dicorato M. +
Technical indicators for the comparison of power network development in scenario evaluations 1-gen-2021 Dicorato M.Tricarico G.Forte G.Marasciuolo F.
Techno-Economic Benefit of Network Developments: a Flow-Based Evaluation 1-gen-2020 Maria DicoratoGioacchino TricaricoGiuseppe ForteMarco Bronzini +
The influence of EV usage scenarios on DC microgrid techno-economic operation 1-gen-2022 Marasciuolo F.Dicorato M.Tricarico G.Montegiglio P.Forte G.Trovato M.
Variable Structure Control of a Small Ducted Wind Turbine in the Whole Wind Speed Range Using a Luenberger Observer 1-gen-2020 Gioacchino TricaricoElia BresciaGiuseppe Leonardo CascellaVito Giuseppe MonopoliFrancesco Cupertino +
Zonal Day-Ahead Energy Market: A Modified Version of the IEEE 39-bus Test System 1-gen-2022 Tricarico G.Dicorato M.Forte G. +