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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
A co-located finite volume method for the vorticity-velocity equations 1-gen-1993 NAPOLITANO, MichelePASCAZIO, Giuseppe
A co-ordinated compensation strategy involving synchronous generators and static VAR compensators in long distance A.C. transmission systems 1-gen-1989 LA SCALA, MassimoTROVATO, Michele Antonio +
A co-ordinated compensation strategy involving sysnchronous generators and static VAR compensators in long distance A.C. transmission systems 1-gen-1989 LA SCALA, Massimo +
"A Combination of Pseudorandom Number Generators Applied to the Steganography" 1-gen-2000 MASTRONARDI, Giuseppe
A combined ESI-MS/NMR mechanistic study on the palladium catalyzed cross-coupling reaction between aryldiazonium salts and aryltrifluoroborates 1-gen-2008 GALLO, VitoMASTRORILLI, Pietro +
A common strategy for municipal wastewater effluent reuse in Apulia, South Italy and Crete, Greece 1-gen-2012 RANIERI, Ezio +
A comparative Analysis between numerical sediment transport models 1-gen-1999 CHIAIA, Giancarlo +
A Comparative analysis between numerical transport models 1-gen-1999 CHIAIA, GiancarloRANIERI, Gennaro
A comparative evaluation of advanced treatments for textile dyeing wastewater 1-gen-1995 RANIERI, Ezio +
A comparative evaluation of solution for inner-product 1-gen-1993 DI LECCE, VincenzoDI SCIASCIO, Eugenio
A Comparison Among Different Microcontroller Implementations Of Fractional Order Controller 1-gen-2012 MAIONE, Guido +
A comparison between demand-driven and pressure-driven network modeling paradigms to assess climate change and asset deterioration impacts on water distribution networks 1-gen-2012 BERARDI, LuigiLAUCELLI, Daniele BiagioGIUSTOLISI, Orazio
A Comparison Between Model-Based Observer and Neural Network for Induction Motor Rotor Flux Estimation 1-gen-1999 CUPERTINO, FrancescoSTASI, Silvio +
A comparison between national scheme for the acoustic classification of dwellings in Europe and in the U.S 1-gen-2015 Berardi U. +
A comparison between selective laser sintering and selective laser melting 1-gen-2004 CAMPANELLI, Sabina LuisaLUDOVICO, Antonio Domenico +
A Comparison between Surface Reconstruction Methodologies 1-gen-2005 PERCOCO, Gianluca
A Comparison of Current Driven Magnetization Dynamics in Different Co/Cu/Co Magnetic Multilayer 1-gen-2005 CARPENTIERI, Mario +
A comparison of GaAs MESFET modelling by lumped and distributed elements 1-gen-1989 PERRI, Anna Gina
A comparison of nonlinear circuit simulation models of GaAs MESFETs by DC/AC characterization 1-gen-1988 PERRI, Anna Gina +
Mostrati risultati da 215 a 234 di 33.601
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