Mastrorilli, Pietro

Mastrorilli, Pietro  

Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile, Ambientale, del Territorio, Edile e di Chimica  

Settore CHIM/07 - Fondamenti Chimici delle Tecnologie  

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(Thio)urea-Based Covalent Organic Framework as a Hydrogen-Bond-Donating Catalyst 1-gen-2020 Todisco, StefanoMastrorilli, Piero +
31P and195Pt solid-state NMR and DFT studies on platinum(i) and platinum(II) complexes 1-gen-2018 Todisco, StefanoGallo, VitoLatronico, MarioRizzuti, AntoninoMastrorilli, Piero +
9,10-ter-anthrylene-ethynylene: a new molecular architecture for solution processed anthracene-based thin film transistors 1-gen-2008 MASTRORILLI, PietroSURANNA, Gian Paolo +
9,10-ter-Anthrylene-Ethynylenes: New Semiconductors for Solution Processed Organic Field-Effect Transistors 1-gen-2011 ROMANAZZI, GiuseppeSURANNA, Gian PaoloMASTRORILLI, Pietro +
A bioprintable gellan gum/lignin hydrogel: A smart and sustainable route for cartilage regeneration 1-gen-2022 Mastrorilli, Piero +
A Borane Platinum Complex Undergoing Reversible Hydride Migration in Solution 1-gen-2018 Shahsavari, HR.Mastrorilli, P.Todisco, S. +
A combined approach for characterisation of fresh and brined vine leaves by X-ray powder diffraction, NMR spectroscopy and direct infusion high resolution mass spectrometry 1-gen-2013 RIZZUTI, AntoninoCALIANDRO, RoccoGALLO, VitoMASTRORILLI, PietroLATRONICO, Mario +
A combined ESI-MS/NMR mechanistic study on the palladium catalysed cross-coupling reaction between aryldiazonium salts and phenyltrifluoroborate 1-gen-2008 GALLO, VitoMASTRORILLI, Pietro +
A combined ESI-MS/NMR mechanistic study on the palladium catalyzed cross-coupling reaction between aryldiazonium salts and aryltrifluoroborates 1-gen-2008 GALLO, VitoMASTRORILLI, Pietro +
A community-built calibration system: The case study of quantification of metabolites in grape juice by qNMR spectroscopy 1-gen-2020 Musio, BiagiaRagone, RosaTodisco, StefanoRizzuti, AntoninoLatronico, MarioMastrorilli, PieroTriggiani, MaurizioDi Noia, TommasoGallo, Vito +
A comparison between the reactivity of H+ and that of its isolobal analogues Ag(PPh3)+ or Au(PPh3)+ towards a phosphinito bridged Pt(I) complex 1-gen-2013 GALLO, VitoLATRONICO, MarioRIZZUTI, AntoninoMASTRORILLI, Pietro +
A Contribution to the Harmonization of Non-targeted NMR Methods for Data-Driven Food Authenticity Assessment 1-gen-2020 Vito GalloRosa RagoneBiagia MusioStefano TodiscoAntonino RizzutiPiero MastrorilliMaurizio TriggianiMario Latronico +
A convenient synthetic approach to bis-functionalised quaterfluorenes 1-gen-2004 Grisorio, R.Mastrorilli, P.Nobile, C. F.Romanazzi, G.Suranna, G. P. +
A greener and efficient access to substituted four- and six-membered sulfur-bearing heterocycles 1-gen-2017 MASTRORILLI, Pietro +
A Hydrido η1-Alkynyl Diplatinum Complex Obtained from a Phosphinito Phosphanido Complex and Trimethylsilylacetylene 1-gen-2014 LATRONICO, MarioGALLO, VitoMASTRORILLI, Pietro +
A Linear Triplatinum Tetrahydride Complex Featuring two Pt-Pt bonds 1-gen-2008 MASTRORILLI, Pietro
A multinuclear NMR characterization of Pt(II)-Pt(IV) intermediate formed during I2 oxidation of dinuclear Pt(II)-Pt(II) 1-gen-2013 LATRONICO, MarioMASTRORILLI, Pietro +
A New Polymer Supported Palladium Complex as Active, Air Stable and Recyclable Catalyst for Carbon-Carbon Bond Forming Reactions 1-gen-2003 DELL'ANNA, Maria MichelaMASTRORILLI, Pietro +
A Non-Targeted Metabolomic Approach for the Characterization of Chemical Profile of Sparkling Wines Produced Using Autochthonous Yeast Strains 1-gen-2021 Antonino RizzutiVito GalloPiero MastrorilliBiagia Musio +
A non-targeted metabolomics study on Xylella fastidiosa infected olive plants grown under controlled conditions 1-gen-2021 Ragone, RosaGallo, VitoMastrorilli, Piero +