Grisorio, Roberto

Grisorio, Roberto  

Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile, Ambientale, del Territorio, Edile e di Chimica  

Settore CHIM/07 - Fondamenti Chimici delle Tecnologie  

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A convenient synthetic approach to bis-functionalised quaterfluorenes 1-gen-2004 Grisorio, R.Mastrorilli, P.Nobile, C. F.Romanazzi, G.Suranna, G. P. +
A new route for the shape differentiation of cesium lead bromide perovskite nanocrystals with near-unity photoluminescence quantum yield 1-gen-2020 Roberto GrisorioDaniele ConelliRosa GiannelliGian Paolo Suranna +
A novel synthetic protocol for poly(fluorenylenevinylene)s: a cascade Suzuki-Heck reaction 1-gen-2005 Grisorio, R.Mastrorilli, P.Romanazzi, G.Suranna, G. P. +
A Pd(AcO)2/t-Bu3P/K3PO4 catalytic system for the control of Suzuki cross-coupling polymerisation 1-gen-2014 Grisorio, R.MASTRORILLI, PietroSURANNA, Gian Paolo
A Versatile Synthesis for New 9,10-Bis(4-alkoxyphenyl)-2,7-diiodophenanthrenes: Useful Precursors for Conjugated Polymers 1-gen-2007 Grisorio, R.SURANNA, Gian PaoloMASTRORILLI, Pietro +
Addressing the Function of Easily Synthesized Hole Transporters in Direct and Inverted Perovskite Solar Cells 1-gen-2018 Roberto GrisorioGian Paolo Suranna +
All‐donor poly (arylene‐ethynylene) s containing anthracene and silole‐based units: Synthesis, electronic, and photovoltaic properties 1-gen-2013 Roberto GrisorioSURANNA, Gian PaoloMASTRORILLI, Pietro +
An engineered co-sensitization system for highly efficient dye solar cells 1-gen-2014 Grisorio, R.ROMANAZZI, GiuseppeSURANNA, Gian Paolo +
An Insight into the Potential of Random Poly(heteroarylene-vinylene)s as Donor Materials in Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cells 1-gen-2012 Roberto GrisorioGiuseppe RomanazziGian Paolo SurannaPietro Mastrorilli +
An ion conductive polysiloxane as effective gel electrolyte for long stable dye solar cells 1-gen-2017 Grisorio, RobertoSuranna, Gian Paolo +
Anchoring stability and photovoltaic properties of new D(-π-A)2 dyes for dye-sensitized solar cell applications 1-gen-2013 Roberto GrisorioSURANNA, Gian PaoloMASTRORILLI, Pietro +
Anthracene-based semiconductors for organic electronics 1-gen-2012 SURANNA, Gian PaoloROMANAZZI, GiuseppeGRISORIO R.MASTRORILLI, Pietro +
Aryl 5-substitution of a phenyl-pyridine based ligand as a viable way to influence the opto-electronic properties of bis-cyclometalated Ir(III) heteroleptic complexes 1-gen-2013 Roberto GrisorioSURANNA, Gian PaoloMASTRORILLI, Pietro +
Beneficial Role of a Bulky Donor Moiety in π-Extended Organic Dyes for Mesoscopic TiO2 Sensitized Solar Cells 1-gen-2015 Roberto GrisorioSURANNA, Gian Paolo +
Bis(1,10-phenanthroline) copper complexes with tailored molecular architecture: From electrochemical features to application as redox mediators in dye-sensitized solar cells 1-gen-2018 Grisorio, R.Suranna, GP. +
CaCO3 as an Environmentally Friendly Renewable Material for Drug Delivery Systems: Uptake of HSA-CaCO3 Nanocrystals Conjugates in Cancer Cell Lines 1-gen-2019 Roberto GrisorioGian Paolo Suranna +
Catalyst-transfer polymerization of arylamines by the Buchwald-Hartwig cross-coupling 1-gen-2019 Roberto GrisorioGian Paolo Suranna
Chain-growth versus step-growth mechanisms for the suzuki-heck polymerisation of fluorenyldibromides with potassium vinyl trifluoroborate 1-gen-2010 Grisorio, R.Suranna, G. P.Mastrorilli, P.
Chemical analysis of cesium lead-halide perovskite nanocrystals by total-reflection X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy 1-gen-2020 Giannelli, RosaGrisorio, RobertoSuranna, Gian Paolo +
Enhancing Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell Performances by Molecular Engineering: Highly Efficient π-Extended Organic Sensitizers 1-gen-2014 Roberto GrisorioMASTRORILLI, PietroSURANNA, Gian Paolo +