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Berardi, Umberto  

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A data-driven approach for building energy benchmarking using the Lorenz curve 1-gen-2018 Berardi U. +
Aerogel-enhanced insulation for building applications 1-gen-2018 Berardi U.
Aerogel-enhanced systems for building energy retrofits: Insights from a case study 1-gen-2018 Berardi U.
An hour-ahead predictive control strategy for maximizing natural ventilation in passive buildings based on weather forecasting 1-gen-2023 Berardi U. +
An Investigation on the Use of Porous Natural Stone for Sound Absorbing Treatments 1-gen-2010 Berardi, UMARTELLOTTA, Francesco +
Application of probabilistic approaches to the performance evaluation of building envelopes to withstand mould growth 1-gen-2019 Berardi U. +
Assessing the effect of night ventilation on PCM performance in high-rise residential buildings 1-gen-2019 Berardi U. +
Assessing the impact of climate change on building heating and cooling energy demand in Canada 1-gen-2020 Berardi U. +
Assessment of recycled ceramic-based inorganic insulation for improving energy efficiency and flame retardancy of buildings 1-gen-2019 Berardi U. +
Beneath the smart city: Dichotomy between sustainability and competitiveness 1-gen-2015 Berardi U. +
Circular reutilization of coffee waste for sound absorbing panels: A perspective on material recycling 1-gen-2020 Berardi U. +
Clarifying the new interpretations of the concept of sustainable building 1-gen-2013 Berardi U.
Comfort and energy savings with active green roofs 1-gen-2014 Berardi U. +
Comparing urban canopy models for microclimate simulations in Weather Research and Forecasting Models 1-gen-2020 Berardi U. +
Day-ahead prediction of hourly electric demand in non-stationary operated commercial buildings: A clustering-based hybrid approach 1-gen-2017 Berardi U. +
Day-ahead prediction of hourly subentry energy consumption in the building sector using pattern recognition algorithms 1-gen-2020 Berardi U. +
Dear Colleagues 1-gen-2019 Berardi U. +
Design and control of radiant ceiling panels incorporating phase change materials for cooling applications 1-gen-2021 Berardi U. +
Development and thermal-optical characterization of a cementitious plaster with phase change materials and thermochromic paint 1-gen-2020 Berardi U. +
Development of a performance-based design framework for multifunctional climate-responsive façades 1-gen-2021 Berardi U. +