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Martellotta, Francesco  

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A comparative analysis of acoustic energy models for churches 1-gen-2009 Umberto BerardiEttore CirilloFrancesco Martellotta
A geometrical acoustic simulation of the effect of occupancy and source position in historical churches 1-gen-2015 MARTELLOTTA, Francesco +
A measurement procedure to assess indoor environment quality for hypermarket workers 1-gen-2012 MARTELLOTTA, Francesco +
A membership function to calculate subjective ratings of noise annoyance 1-gen-2003 AYR, UbaldoMARTELLOTTA, Francesco +
A method for the low frequency qualification of reverberation test rooms using a validated finite element model 1-gen-2017 Ubaldo AyrFrancesco MartellottaGianluca Rospi
A multi-rate decay model to predict energy-based acoustic parameters in churches 1-gen-2009 MARTELLOTTA, Francesco
A new approach to assessing the performance of noise indices in buildings 1-gen-2003 Ayr, U.Cirillo, E.Fato, I.Martellotta, F.
A Parametric Study of the Acoustic Performance of Resonant Absorbers Made of Micro-perforated Membranes and Perforated Panels 1-gen-2020 Lili PanFrancesco Martellotta
A preliminary investigation on the effects of Baroque modifications on the acoustics of former Romanesque churches 1-gen-2004 MARTELLOTTA, Francesco +
A Preliminary Investigation on the Subjective Evaluation of Church Acoustics Using Listening Tests 1-gen-2005 Francesco Martellotta
Acoustic characterization of Apulian Rupestrian churches 1-gen-2011 Martellotta, F.Cirillo, E.
Acoustic comfort evaluation for hypermarket workers 1-gen-2013 MARTELLOTTA, Francesco +
Acoustical characterization of three Ottoman masjids built in Algeria 1-gen-2022 Martellotta F. +
Acoustical reconstruction of San Petronio Basilica in Bologna during the Baroque period: the effect of festive decorations 1-gen-2008 Martellotta, F.Cirillo, E.D'Alba, M. +
Acoustics as a cultural heritage: The case of Orthodox churches and of the "Russian church" in Bari 1-gen-2015 MARTELLOTTA, Francesco +
Acoustics of Apulian-Romanesque Churches: An Experimental Survey 1-gen-2002 Ettore CirilloFrancesco Martellotta
Acoustics of Apulian-Romanesque Churches: Correlations between Architectural and Acoustic Parameters 1-gen-2003 Cirillo, E.Martellotta, F.
Acoustics of Italian Historical Opera Houses 1-gen-2015 MARTELLOTTA, Francesco +
An experimental study on noise indices in air conditioned offices 1-gen-2001 Ayr, U.Cirillo, E.Martellotta, F.
An improved model to predict energy-based acoustic parameters in Apulian-Romanesque churches 1-gen-2003 Cirillo, E.Martellotta, F.