Cherubini, Stefania

Cherubini, Stefania  

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3D global hydrodynamic stability analysis of a diffusion flame 1-gen-2018 Mirko FaranoPietro De PalmaStefania Cherubini +
A hairpin-shaped optimal perturbation in a plane Poiseuille flow 1-gen-2015 CHERUBINI, StefaniaDE PALMA, Pietro +
A nonlinear control strategy for finite-amplitude perturbations in a boundary-layer flow 1-gen-2015 CHERUBINI, StefaniaDE PALMA, Pietro +
A purely nonlinear route to transition approaching the edge of chaos in a boundary layer 1-gen-2012 CHERUBINI, StefaniaDE PALMA, Pietro +
A synthetic forcing to trigger laminar-turbulent transition in parallel wall bounded flows via receptivity 1-gen-2019 Francesco PicellaStefania Cherubini +
A transition scenario induced by high- intensity freestream turbulence in a boundary layer 1-gen-2012 CHERUBINI, StefaniaDE PALMA, Pietro +
Computing heteroclinic orbits using adjoint-based methods 1-gen-2019 Farano M.Cherubini S.De Palma P. +
Continuing invariant solutions towards the turbulent flow 1-gen-2022 Parente E.Farano M.De Palma P.Cherubini S. +
Data Driven Modal Decomposition of the Wake behind an NREL-5MW Wind Turbine 1-gen-2021 Cherubini, StefaniaDe Cillis, GiovanniDe Palma, Pietro +
Dynamic-mode-decomposition of the wake of the NREL-5MW wind turbine impinged by a laminar inflow 1-gen-2022 De Cillis G.Semeraro O.Leonardi S.De Palma P.Cherubini S.
Edge states in a boundary layer 1-gen-2011 CHERUBINI, StefaniaDE PALMA, Pietro +
Effect of plate permeability on nonlinear stability of the asymptotic suction boundary layer 1-gen-2015 CHERUBINI, Stefania +
Global Stability Analyses Unraveling Roughness-induced Transition Mechanisms 1-gen-2015 CHERUBINI, Stefania +
Global stability analysis of lifted diffusion flames 1-gen-2017 Farano, M.De Palma, P.Cherubini, S. +
Global three-dimensional optimal perturbations in a Blasius boundary layer 1-gen-2010 CHERUBINI, StefaniaDE PALMA, Pietro +
Hairpin-like optimal perturbations in plane Poiseuille flow 1-gen-2015 CHERUBINI, StefaniaDE PALMA, Pietro +
Highly dissipative perturbations in a Couette flow 1-gen-2012 CHERUBINI, StefaniaDE PALMA, Pietro
How incoming turbulence affects wake recovery of an NREL-5MW wind turbine 1-gen-2022 Cherubini S.Semeraro O.Leonardi S.Palma P. D. +
Influence of freestream turbulence on the flow over a wall roughness 1-gen-2021 Cherubini S. +
Influence of the shape on the roughness-induced transition 1-gen-2015 Cherubini, S. +