De Gisi, Sabino

De Gisi, Sabino  

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A comparison of the efficacy of organic and mixed-organic polymers with polyaluminium chloride in chemically assisted primary sedimentation (CAPS) 1-gen-2013 DE GISI, Sabino +
A holistic DPSIR-based approach to the remediation of heavily contaminated coastal areas 1-gen-2021 Claudia LabiancaSabino De GisiFrancesco TodaroMichele Notarnicola +
A life cycle assessment study on the stabilization/solidification treatment processes for contaminated marine sediments 1-gen-2018 Sabino De GisiCasale, RossellaFrancesco TodaroMichele Notarnicola +
A multicriteria technique for optimizing the management of personnel of small wastewater treatment plants 1-gen-2010 DE GISI, Sabino +
A procedure minimizing the wasting of space for the siting of hazardous waste landfills as a part of a solid waste management system 1-gen-2012 DE GISI, Sabino +
A review of the in-situ capping amendments and modeling approaches for the remediation of contaminated marine sediments 1-gen-2022 Claudia LabiancaSabino De GisiFrancesco TodaroMichele Notarnicola +
A review on wastewater sludge valorisation and its challenges in the context of circular economy 1-gen-2019 Sabino De Gisi +
A simple method to equalize the workload when operating several small wastewater treatment plants: A case study 1-gen-2013 DE GISI, Sabino +
A WISE-friendly decision support system for the optimization of wastewater management in urban areas 1-gen-2016 De Gisi, SabinoNotarnicola, Michele
Acque reflue : progettazione e gestione di impianti per il trattamento e lo smaltimento 1-gen-2012 Sabino De Gisi +
Adsorption of Uranium (VI) onto Natural Algerian Phosphate: Study of Influencing Factors, and Mechanism 1-gen-2021 Sabino De Gisi +
Agglomeration reduction in a SRF-fired fluidized bed waste-to-energy plant by means of dolomite: assessment of environmental, energy and operational effects 1-gen-2019 Sabino De GisiMichele Notarnicola +
Alternating pure oxygen and air cycles for the biostabilization of unsorted fraction of municipal solid waste 1-gen-2018 Sabino De GisiFrancesco TodaroMichele Notarnicola +
An innovative holistic dpsir-based approach for the remediation of contaminated sites 1-gen-2020 Claudia LabiancaSabino De GisiFrancesco TodaroMichele Notarnicola
An integrated approach for monitoring efficiency and investments of activated sludge-based wastewater treatment plants at large spatial scale 1-gen-2015 DE GISI, Sabino +
Analisi delle prestazioni di un impianto di trattamento meccanico-biologico di rifiuti urbani indifferenziati 1-gen-2021 Giovanni GadaletaFrancesco TodaroSabino De GisiMichele Notarnicola +
Ancient Pompeii Water Supply: Sources, Routes, and Slopes of the Aqueducts 1-gen-2012 DE GISI, Sabino +
Ancient Roman Wastewater and Stormwater Technologies in Urban Contexts: Pompeii, Herculaneum and Ostia 1-gen-2014 DE GISI, Sabino +
Assessing the correlation between contamination sources and environmental quality of marine sediments using multivariate analysis 1-gen-2018 Labianca, ClaudiaDe Gisi, SabinoNotarnicola, Michele
Assessing the public perception of islanders regarding the implementation of new technologies to optimize the municipal solid waste management system: A Mediterranean case study 1-gen-2017 DE GISI, SabinoNOTARNICOLA, Michele +