Roccotelli, Michele

Roccotelli, Michele  

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A Comparative Study of Current Dataset Used to Evaluate Intrusion Detection System 1-gen-2022 Ali W. A.Roccotelli M.Fanti M. P. +
A control strategy for district energy management 1-gen-2015 FANTI, Maria PiaMANGINI, Agostino MarcelloROCCOTELLI, Michele +
A Decision Support System for Comfort Optimization in a Smart Retirement Home 1-gen-2019 Alessandro RinaldiMichele RoccotelliMaria Pia Fanti
A District Energy Management Based on Thermal Comfort Satisfaction and Real-Time Power Balancing 1-gen-2015 FANTI, Maria PiaMANGINI, Agostino MarcelloROCCOTELLI, Michele +
A First Order Hybrid Petri Net Model for Building Energy Management 1-gen-2018 Maria Pia FantiAgostino Marcello ManginiMichele Roccotelli
A Natural Ventilation Control in Buildings Based on Co-Simulation Architecture and Particle Swarm Optimization 1-gen-2016 FANTI, Maria PiaMANGINI, Agostino MarcelloROCCOTELLI, MicheleIANNONE, FrancescoRINALDI, Alessandro
A novel application based on a heuristic approach for planning itineraries of one-day tourist 1-gen-2021 Agostino Marcello ManginiMichele RoccotelliAlessandro Rinaldi
A Petri Net Model for a Building Energy Management System Based on a Demand Response Approach 1-gen-2014 M. P. FantiA. M. ManginiM. Roccotelli
A Review of Digital Twin Technology for Electric and Autonomous Vehicles 1-gen-2023 Ali, Wasim A.Fanti, Maria PiaRoccotelli, MicheleRanieri, Luigi
A review of last mile logistics innovations in an externalities cost reduction vision 1-gen-2018 Ranieri, LuigiDigiesi, SalvatoreSilvestri, BartolomeoRoccotelli, Michele
A Serious Game Approach for the Electro-Mobility Sector 1-gen-2019 Bartolomeo SilvestriAlessandro RinaldiAntonella BerardiMichele RoccotelliMaria Pia Fanti +
A simulation and control model for building energy management 1-gen-2018 Fanti, Maria PiaMangini, Agostino MarcelloRoccotelli, Michele
Actors interactions and needs in the European electromobility network 1-gen-2017 Maria Pia FantiGiovanni PedroncelliMichele Roccotelli +
Advances on Smart Cities and Smart Buildings 1-gen-2022 Michele RoccotelliAgostino Marcello Mangini
An Innovative Service for Electric Vehicle Energy Demand Prediction 1-gen-2020 Maria Pia FantiAgostino Marcello ManginiMichele Roccotelli
An Integrated Framework for Binary Sensor Placement and Inhabitants Location Tracking 1-gen-2016 Fanti, Maria PiaRoccotelli, Michele +
An Optimization Framework for a District Energy Management System 1-gen-2014 Michele Roccotelli
Building Energy Management for Passive Cooling Based on Stochastic Occupants Behavior Evaluation 1-gen-2021 Michele RoccotelliAlessandro RinaldiMaria Pia FantiFrancesco Iannone
Card game analysis for fast multi-criteria decision making 1-gen-2021 Valentino SangiorgioBeatrice Di PierroMichele RoccotelliBartolomeo Silvestri
Cooperative distributed energy scheduling of smart homes appliances in a smart district 1-gen-2019 Maria Pia FantiAgostino Marcello ManginiGiovanni PedroncelliMichele Roccotelli