Ottomanelli, Michele

Ottomanelli, Michele  

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A comparative efficiency and productivity analysis: Implication to airlines located in Central and South-East Europe 1-gen-2019 Jovana KuljaninMilica KalićLeonardo CaggianiMichele Ottomanelli
A Decision Support System Based on Neuro-Fuzzy System for Railroad Maintenance Planning 1-gen-2005 Michele OttomanelliMauro Dell’OrcoDomenico Sassanelli
A discrete event approach for the microsimulation of unsignalized pedestrian crossing 1-gen-2013 OTTOMANELLI, MicheleIannucci, GiuseppeMAIONE, Guido
A dynamic clustering method for relocation process in free-floating vehicle sharing systems 1-gen-2017 Caggiani, L.Camporeale, R.Ottomanelli, M.
A dynamic simulation based model for optimal fleet repositioning in bike-sharing systems 1-gen-2013 Caggiani LOTTOMANELLI, Michele
A Fixed Point Approach to Origin-Destination Matrices Estimation Using Uncertain Data and Fuzzy Programming on Congested Networks 1-gen-2013 CAGGIANI, LEONARDOOTTOMANELLI, MicheleSASSANELLI, Domenico
A fuzzy data meta training system for ranking hub container terminals 1-gen-2012 Caggiani LOttomanelli MSassanelli D. +
A fuzzy expert system for ranking hub container terminals 1-gen-2010 OTTOMANELLI, Michele +
A Fuzzy Logic-Based Methodology for Ranking Transport Infrastructures 1-gen-2011 Ottomanelli, M.Sassanelli, D. +
A Fuzzy set-based method to identify the car position in a road lane at intersections by smartphone GPS data 1-gen-2017 Marinelli, MarioPalmisano, GianvitoOttomanelli, MicheleDell'Orco, Mauro +
A Generalized Stochastic Petri Net Approach for Modeling Activities of Human Operators in Intermodal Container Terminals 1-gen-2016 Guido MaioneAgostino Marcello ManginiMichele Ottomanelli
A GLS estimator for combined path choice model and O-D Matrix aggregate calibration on congested network 1-gen-2006 OTTOMANELLI, Michele +
A green logistics solution for last-mile deliveries considering e-vans and e-cargo bikes 1-gen-2021 Caggiani, LeonardoColovic, AleksandraPrencipe, Luigi PioOttomanelli, Michele
A mathematical programming model for optimal fleet management of electric car-sharing systems with Vehicle-to-Grid operations 1-gen-2022 Prencipe L. P.Caggiani L.Ottomanelli M. +
A metaheuristic dynamic traffic assignment model for O-D matrix estimation using aggregate data 1-gen-2012 Caggiani LDell'Orco MMarinelli MOttomanelli M
A modeling framework for the dynamic management of free-floating bike-sharing systems 1-gen-2018 Caggiani, L.Camporeale, R.Ottomanelli, M. +
A modular soft computing based method for vehicles repositioning in bike-sharing systems 1-gen-2012 Caggiani LOttomanelli M
A multi-objective network design model for road freight transportation using the eHighway system 1-gen-2022 Colovic, AleksandraMarinelli, MarioOttomanelli, Michele
A network design tool for railway electrification considering the environmental impact 1-gen-2021 Aleksandra ColovicLuigi Pio PrencipeMario BinettiMichele Ottomanelli
A Neural Network based Model for Real Estate Price Estimation Considering Environmental Quality of Property Location 1-gen-2014 Chiarazzo, V.Caggiani, L.Marinelli, M.Ottomanelli, M.