Morano, Pierluigi

Morano, Pierluigi  

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A systematic analysis of benefits and costs of projects for the valorization of cultural heritage 1-gen-2016 Francesco TajaniPierluigi Morano
A decisions support model for investment through the social impact bonds. The case of the city of Bari (Italy) 1-gen-2020 Pierluigi Morano +
A feasibility analysis of the refurbishment investments in the Italian residential market 1-gen-2020 Pierluigi MoranoFrancesco TajaniFelicia Di Liddo +
A fuzzy multi-criteria decision model for the regeneration of the urban peripheries 1-gen-2019 Locurcio, M.Tajani, F.Morano, P.Torre, C. M.
A logical operating model for the assessment of the forced sale value in the judicial procedures 1-gen-2021 Tajani F.Morano P.Locurcio M. +
A model for the elaboration of fair divisional projects in inheritance disputes 1-gen-2018 Tajani, F.Morano, P.
A model to support decision for the valorization of public properties in disuse or underutilized 1-gen-2014 Francesco TajaniPierluigi Morano +
A model to support the investment decisions through social impact bonds as effective financial instruments for the enhancement of social welfare policies 1-gen-2020 Francesco TajaniPierluigi MoranoCarmelo Maria Torre +
A model to support the public administration decisions for the investments selection on historic buildings 1-gen-2018 Morano, Pierluigi +
A multi-criteria decision analysis for the assessment of the real estate credit risks 1-gen-2021 Marco LocurcioPierluigi Morano +
A multicriteria economic analysis model for urban forestry projects 1-gen-2019 Pierluigi Morano +
A multivariate econometric analysis for the forecasting of the interdependences between the housing prices and the socio-economic factors in the city of Barcelona (Spain) 1-gen-2019 Pierluigi MoranoFrancesco TajaniFelicia Di Liddo +
A Parametric Cost-Based Approach to Appraisal Jack-Up Vessels 1-gen-2021 Pierluigi Morano +
A procedure to evaluate the extra-charge of urbanization 1-gen-2020 Pierluigi Morano +
A rational assessment procedure of long-term sustainable values for bank lending purposes 1-gen-2021 Pierluigi Morano +
Affordability Assessment of Energy-Efficient Building Construction in Italy 1-gen-2019 Pierluigi MoranoFrancesco Tajani +
An analysis of the energy efficiency impacts on the residential property prices in the city of Bari (Italy) 1-gen-2020 Pierluigi MoranoFrancesco TajaniFelicia Di Liddo +
An Analysis of the Influence of Property Tax on Housing Prices in the Apulia Region (Italy) 1-gen-2017 Tajani, FrancescoMorano, PierluigiTorre, Carmelo MariaDi Liddo, Felicia
An analysis of the noise pollution influence on the housing prices in the central area of the city of Bari 1-gen-2020 Morano P.Di Liddo F. +
An application of neural networks to the assessment of properties within a segment of residential market of Bari 1-gen-2014 Pierluigi MoranoFrancesco TajaniCarmelo Torre