Pontrandolfo, Pierpaolo

Pontrandolfo, Pierpaolo  

Dipartimento di Meccanica, Matematica e Management  

Settore ING-IND/35 - Ingegneria Economico-Gestionale  

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A decision support system for maritime search and rescue 1-gen-2015 Bellantuono, N.Camarda, P.Lisi, S.Pontrandolfo, P.Romano V.Striccoli, D.Scozzi, B. +
A DSS for Production Planning: Context-Free and Context-Specific Knowledge 1-gen-2001 GORGOGLIONE, MichelePONTRANDOLFO, Pierpaolo
A framework to analyze the organization of logistics services 1-gen-2007 BELLANTUONO, NicolaGIANNOCCARO, Ilaria FilomenaPONTRANDOLFO, Pierpaolo
A fuzzy echelon approach for inventory management in supply chains 1-gen-2003 Giannoccaro, I.Pontrandolfo, P.Scozzi, B.
A fuzzy set based approach to Inventory Management in Supply Chains 1-gen-2000 GIANNOCCARO, Ilaria FilomenaPONTRANDOLFO, PierpaoloSCOZZI, Barbara
A heuristic method for the estimation of the project duration in a stochastic network scheduling 1-gen-1995 Garavelli, Achille ClaudioPontrandolfo, Pierpaolo
A model for measuring Corporate Social Responsibility 1-gen-2014 BELLANTUONO, NicolaPONTRANDOLFO, PierpaoloSCOZZI, Barbara
A Multiattribute Auction Procedure and Its Implementation 1-gen-2012 Pierpaolo Pontrandolfo +
A software model to evaluate CSR in relationships with supply chain stakeholders 1-gen-2009 PONTRANDOLFO, PierpaoloSCOZZI, Barbara +
A systematic literature review to explore traceability and lifecycle relationship 1-gen-2020 Pierpaolo Pontrandolfo +
A theoretical model to study industrial districts as supply chains: a case study 1-gen-2000 CARBONARA, NunziaGIANNOCCARO, Ilaria FilomenaPONTRANDOLFO, Pierpaolo
Addressing coordination problems in information intensive processes for public management innovation 1-gen-2008 PONTRANDOLFO, PierpaoloSCOZZI, Barbara +
Agent-based modelling for the supply chain management of industrial districts 1-gen-2004 ALBINO, VitoCARBONARA, NunziaGIANNOCCARO, Ilaria FilomenaPONTRANDOLFO, Pierpaolo
Agent-based simulation of an organized market of logistics services 1-gen-2008 GIANNOCCARO, Ilaria FilomenaPONTRANDOLFO, Pierpaolo +
Aligning Inventory Management systems to Supply Chain types 1-gen-2000 GIANNOCCARO, Ilaria FilomenaPONTRANDOLFO, Pierpaolo
Analysis of information flows to enhance the coordination of production processes 1-gen-2002 Albino, VitoPontrandolfo, PierpaoloScozzi, Barbara
Approvvigionamento della manutenzione: Contesto e modalità di fornitura 1-gen-2005 PONTRANDOLFO, PierpaoloSCOZZI, Barbara
Assessing Resources and Dynamic Capabilities to Implement the “Green Campus” Project 1-gen-2016 Nicola BellantuonoPierpaolo PontrandolfoBarbara ScozziDangelico, Rosa Maria +
Assessing the efforts in reverse logistics by socially responsible companies 1-gen-2004 PONTRANDOLFO, PierpaoloSCOZZI, Barbara +
Assessing The Openness Degree Of Knowledge Supply Chains 1-gen-2011 Scozzi B.Bellantuono N.Pontrandolfo P.