Bevilacqua, Vitoantonio

Bevilacqua, Vitoantonio  

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"Edge Detection Using a Steady State Genetic Algorithm" 1-gen-2000 BEVILACQUA, VitoantonioMASTRONARDI, Giuseppe
"Evolutionary localisation and measure of holes from Range Images" 1-gen-2002 BEVILACQUA, VitoantonioMASTRONARDI, Giuseppe
3D Head Pose Normalization with Face Geometry Analysis, Genetic Algorithms and PCA 1-gen-2009 BEVILACQUA, VitoantonioMASTRONARDI, Giuseppe +
3D Measurements for Tumours Malignancies Early Diagnosis 1-gen-2011 Vitoantonio BevilacquaGiuseppe Mastronardi +
3D Nose Feature Identification and Localisation Through Self Organizing Map and Graph Matching 1-gen-2010 BEVILACQUA, VitoantonioMASTRONARDI, Giuseppe +
3D Virtual Colonoscopy for Polyps Detection by Supervised Artificial Neural Networks 1-gen-2012 Bevilacqua, V.Giannini, S.Mastronardi, G. +
A 3D Virtual Colonoscopy Computer Aided Measurements: a new framework 1-gen-2011 BEVILACQUA, VitoantonioUVA, Antonio EmmanueleFIORENTINO, Michele +
A Character Recognition Handling Constraints Genetic Algorithm: The License Plate Case Study 1-gen-2004 V. BevilacquaG. Mastronardi +
A Combined Method to Detect Retinal Fundus Features 1-gen-2005 MASTRONARDI, GiuseppeBEVILACQUA, Vitoantonio +
A comparison between a geometrical and an ANN based method for retinal bifurcation points extraction 1-gen-2009 BEVILACQUA, VitoantonioMASTRONARDI, Giuseppe +
A comparison between ANN and SVM classifiers for Parkinson’s disease by using a model-free computer-assisted handwriting analysis based on biometric signals 1-gen-2018 Loconsole, ClaudioCascarano, Giacomo DonatoLattarulo, AntonioBrunetti, AntonioTrotta, Gianpaolo FrancescoBuongiorno, DomenicoDe Feudis, IrioBevilacqua, VitoantonioDi Sciascio, Eugenio +
A comparison between two semantic deep learning frameworks for the autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease segmentation based on magnetic resonance images 1-gen-2019 Bevilacqua, VitoantonioBrunetti, AntonioCascarano, Giacomo DonatoGuerriero, Andrea +
A comprehensive approach for physical rehabilitation assessment in multiple sclerosis patients based on gait analysis 1-gen-2017 Bevilacqua, VitoantonioTrotta, Gianpaolo FrancescoBrunetti, AntonioCaporusso, NicholasLoconsole, ClaudioCascarano, Giacomo Donato +
A comprehensive method for assessing the blepharospasm cases severity 1-gen-2017 Bevilacqua, VitoantonioUva, Antonio EmmanueleFiorentino, MicheleTrotta, Gianpaolo FrancescoCascarano, Giacomo DonatoBrunetti, AntonioCaporusso, Nicholas +
A Computational Approach to the Design of Scaffolds for Bone Tissue Engineering 1-gen-2017 BOCCACCIO, AntonioUVA, Antonio EmmanueleFIORENTINO, MicheleBEVILACQUA, VitoantonioPAPPALETTERE, CarmineMONNO, Giuseppe
A computer aided ophthalmic diagnosis system based on tomographic features 1-gen-2017 Bevilacqua, VitoantonioBrunetti, AntonioLoconsole, ClaudioTrotta, Gianpaolo Francesco +
A computer vision and control algorithm to follow a human target in a generic environment using a drone 1-gen-2016 Bevilacqua, VitoantonioDi Maio, Antonio
A computer vision based system for off-line quality control of chemically coated component of a diesel fuel injection pump 1-gen-2006 BEVILACQUA, Vitoantonio +
A computer vision method for the Italian finger spelling recognition 1-gen-2015 Bevilacqua, VitoantonioBiasi, LuigiPepe, AntonioMastronardi, GiuseppeCaporusso, Nicholas
A Decision-tree Approach to Stratify DLBCL Risk Based on Stromal and Immune Microenvironment Determinants 1-gen-2023 Zaccaria, Gian MariaMezzolla, GiuseppeStranieri, MariannaAltini, NicolaEsposito, FlaviaBevilacqua, Vitoantonio +