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Altini, Nicola  

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A Decision-tree Approach to Stratify DLBCL Risk Based on Stromal and Immune Microenvironment Determinants 1-gen-2023 Zaccaria, Gian MariaMezzolla, GiuseppeStranieri, MariannaAltini, NicolaEsposito, FlaviaBevilacqua, Vitoantonio +
A Deep Learning Instance Segmentation Approach for Global Glomerulosclerosis Assessment in Donor Kidney Biopsies 1-gen-2020 Nicola AltiniGiacomo Donato CascaranoAntonio BrunettiIrio De FeudisDomenico BuongiornoVitoantonio Bevilacqua +
A Fusion Biopsy Framework for Prostate Cancer Based on Deformable Superellipses and nnU-Net 1-gen-2022 Altini, NicolaBrunetti, AntonioNapoletano, Valeria PiaGirardi, FrancescaAllegretti, EmanuelaHussain, Sardar MehboobBevilacqua, VitoantonioBuongiorno, Domenico +
A Machine Learning and Radiomics Approach in Lung Cancer for Predicting Histological Subtype 1-gen-2022 Brunetti, AntonioAltini, NicolaBuongiorno, DomenicoBevilacqua, VitoantonioPrencipe, Berardino +
A Novel Approach Based on Region Growing Algorithm for Liver and Spleen Segmentation from CT Scans 1-gen-2020 Prencipe, BerardinoAltini, NicolaCascarano, Giacomo DonatoGuerriero, AndreaBrunetti, Antonio
A Tversky Loss-Based Convolutional Neural Network for Liver Vessels Segmentation 1-gen-2020 Altini, NicolaPrencipe, BerardinoBrunetti, AntonioCarnimeo, LeonardaMarino, FrancescomariaGuerriero, AndreaCascarano, Giacomo Donato +
An Explainable Radiogenomic Framework to Predict Mutational Status of KRAS and EGFR in Lung Adenocarcinoma Patients 1-gen-2023 Prencipe, BerardinoDelprete, ClaudiaBuongiorno, DomenicoBevilacqua, VitoantonioAltini, NicolaBrunetti, Antonio +
Combining autoencoder and artificial neural network for classifying colorectal cancer stages 1-gen-2020 Brunetti A.Caputo M.Marvulli T. M.Cascarano G. D.Altini N.Bevilacqua V. +
Computational imaging for precision medicine: the emergence of radiomics, pathomics and deep learning 1-gen-2022 Altini, Nicola
Focal Dice Loss-Based V-Net for Liver Segments Classification 1-gen-2022 Prencipe, BerardinoAltini, NicolaCascarano, Giacomo DonatoBrunetti, AntonioGuerriero, AndreaBevilacqua, Vitoantonio
Intelligent Neonatal Sepsis Early Diagnosis System for Very Low Birth Weight Infants 1-gen-2021 Brunetti, AntonioBuongiorno, DomenicoAltini, NicolaBevilacqua, Vitoantonio +
Liver, Kidney and Spleen Segmentation from CT scans and MRI with Deep Learning: A Survey 1-gen-2022 Nicola AltiniBerardino PrencipeGiacomo Donato CascaranoAntonio BrunettiLeonarda CarnimeoFrancescomaria MarinoAndrea GuerrieroVitoantonio Bevilacqua +
Lung Segmentation and Characterization in COVID-19 Patients for Assessing Pulmonary Thromboembolism: An Approach Based on Deep Learning and Radiomics 1-gen-2021 Bevilacqua, VitoantonioAltini, NicolaPrencipe, BerardinoBrunetti, Antonio +
Multi-class Tissue Classification in Colorectal Cancer with Handcrafted and Deep Features 1-gen-2021 Nicola AltiniBerardino PrencipeGiacomo Donato CascaranoAntonio BrunettiVitoantonio Bevilacqua +
NDG-CAM: Nuclei Detection in Histopathology Images with Semantic Segmentation Networks and Grad-CAM 1-gen-2022 Altini, NicolaBrunetti, AntonioPuro, EmiliaTaccogna, Maria GiovannaBevilacqua, Vitoantonio +
Performance and Limitations of a Supervised Deep Learning Approach for the Histopathological Oxford Classification of Glomeruli with IgA Nephropathy 1-gen-2023 Altini, NicolaPrencipe, BerardinoBerloco, FrancescoBevilacqua, Vitoantonio +
Predictive Machine Learning Models and Survival Analysis for COVID-19 Prognosis Based on Hematochemical Parameters 1-gen-2021 Altini, NicolaBrunetti, AntonioMazzoleni, StefanoPrencipe, BerardinoBevilacqua, Vitoantonio +
Segmentation and Identification of Vertebrae in CT Scans Using CNN, k-Means Clustering and k-NN 1-gen-2021 Nicola AltiniElena SibilanoBerardino PrencipeSardar Mehboob HussainAntonio BrunettiDomenico BuongiornoAndrea GuerrieroVitoantonio Bevilacqua +
Semantic Segmentation Framework for Glomeruli Detection and Classification in Kidney Histological Sections 1-gen-2020 Altini, NicolaCascarano, Giacomo DonatoBrunetti, AntonioMarino, FrancescomariaBevilacqua, Vitoantonio +
Shape-Based Breast Lesion Classification Using Digital Tomosynthesis Images: The Role of Explainable Artificial Intelligence 1-gen-2022 Hussain, Sardar MehboobBuongiorno, DomenicoAltini, NicolaBerloco, FrancescoPrencipe, BerardinoBevilacqua, VitoantonioBrunetti, Antonio +