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Cannavale, Alessandro  

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3D photoelectrode for dye solar cells realized by laser micromachining of photosensitive glass 1-gen-2014 CANNAVALE, Alessandro +
A sensitivity analysis of design parameters of BIPV/T-DSF in relation to building energy and thermal comfort performances 1-gen-2021 Francesco FioritoAlessandro Cannavale +
Advanced processing and characterization of Nafion electrolyte films for solid-state electrochromic devices fabricated at room temperature on single substrate 1-gen-2018 Cannavale, Alessandro +
Advances in Photonics of Quantum Computing, Memory, and Communication VII 1-gen-2014 CANNAVALE, Alessandro
Aloe vera silver nanoparticles addition in chitosan films: improvement of physicochemical properties for eco-friendly food packaging material 1-gen-2023 Cannavale, A +
Bloch surface waves for MoS2emission coupling and polariton systems 1-gen-2017 Cannavale, Alessandro +
Building integration of semitransparent perovskite-based solar cells: Energy performance and visual comfort assessment 1-gen-2017 Cannavale, AlessandroFiorito, FrancescoAyr, UbaldoMartellotta, Francesco +
Chromogenic device for cystic fibrosis precocious diagnosis: A "point of care" tool for sweat test 1-gen-2016 CANNAVALE, Alessandro +
Chromogenic Technologies for Energy Saving 1-gen-2020 Cannavale, Alessandro
Comparing energy performance of different semi-transparent, building-integrated photovoltaic cells applied to "reference" buildings 1-gen-2017 Martellotta, FrancescoCannavale, AlessandroAyr, Ubaldo
Development, testing and evaluation of energy savings potentials of photovoltachromic windows in office buildings. A perspective study for Australian climates 1-gen-2020 Fiorito, FrancescoCannavale, Alessandro +
Dispositivo fotovoltacromico perfezionato 1-gen-2012 CANNAVALE, Alessandro +
Durable superhydrophobic and antireflective surfaces by trimethylsilanized silica nanoparticles-based sol-gel processing 1-gen-2009 Cannavale, Alessandro +
Effect of lithium intercalation on the photovoltaic performances of photovoltachromic cells 1-gen-2015 CANNAVALE, Alessandro +
Electrochromic window integration in adaptive building envelopes in different climates: a genetic optimization of switchable glazing parameters to reduce energy consumptions in office buildings 1-gen-2021 F. CarlucciA. CannavaleF. Fiorito
Energetic and visual comfort implications of using perovskite-based building-integrated photovoltaic glazings 1-gen-2017 Cannavale, AlessandroAyr, UbaldoMartellotta, Francesco
Energy and daylighting performance of building integrated spirooxazine photochromic films 1-gen-2022 Alessandro CannavaleFrancesco CarlucciFrancesco MartellottaUbaldo AyrFrancesco Fiorito +
Energy performance of building-integrated electrochromic and photovoltaic systems 1-gen-2019 Cannavale, AlessandroMartellotta, FrancescoAyr, Ubaldo
Energy savings due to building integration of innovative solid-state electrochromic devices 1-gen-2018 Cannavale, AlessandroMartellotta, F.Ayr, U. +
Flexible AlN flags for efficient wind energy harvesting at ultralow cut-in wind speed 1-gen-2015 Rizzi, FrancescoCANNAVALE, AlessandroIngrosso, Francesca ClaraDE VITTORIO, MASSIMO +