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A low-cost microwave needle applicator for cancer ablation 1-gen-2020 V. PortosiA. M. LoconsoleM. ValoriV. MarroccoF. BonelliG. PascazioF. Prudenzano +
A numerical analysis of hydrogen underexpanded jets under real gas assumption 1-gen-2013 Francesco Bonelli +
Activity-induced isotropic-polar transition in active liquid crystals 1-gen-2021 Bonelli F. +
Advanced model for the interaction of a Ti plume produced by a ns-pulsed laser in a nitrogen environment 1-gen-2021 Pascazio, GiuseppeBonelli, Francesco +
An MPI-CUDA approach for hypersonic flows with detailed state-to-state air kinetics using a GPU cluster 1-gen-2017 Bonelli, FrancescoTuttafesta, MicheleCutrone, LuigiPascazio, Giuseppe +
Cavitation inception of a van der Waals fluid at a sack-wall obstacle 1-gen-2015 Bonelli F. +
Design of Metamaterials for the Refinement of Mini-invasive Microwave Needle Applicator 1-gen-2022 V. PORTOSIA. M. LOCONSOLEM. VALORIV. MARROCCOF. BONELLIG. PASCAZIOF. PRUDENZANO +
Effect of finite-rate catalysis on wall heat flux prediction in hypersonic flow 1-gen-2021 Bonelli F.Pascazio G. +
Feasibility investigation of low-cost microwave needle applicator for thermal ablation cancer therapy 1-gen-2020 Portosi, VincenzaLoconsole, Antonella MariaValori, MarcelloMarrocco, ValeriaBonelli, FrancescoPascazio, GiuseppePrudenzano, Francesco +
High-speed turbulent gas jets: an LES investigation of Mach and Reynolds number effects on the velocity decay and spreading rate 1-gen-2021 Bonelli, Francesco +
How does a high density ratio affect the near- and intermediate-field of high-Re hydrogen jets? 1-gen-2016 Francesco Bonelli +
Hypersonic flows with detailed state-to-state kinetics using a GPU cluster 1-gen-2022 Pascazio G.Ninni D.Bonelli F. +
Impact of fundamental molecular kinetics on macroscopic properties of high-enthalpy flows: The case of hypersonic atmospheric entry 1-gen-2019 Bonelli, F.Pascazio, G. +
Lamellar ordering, droplet formation and phase inversion in exotic active emulsions 1-gen-2019 Bonelli F.Carenza L. N. +
Low-cost Mini-invasive Microwave Needle Applicator for Cancer Thermal Ablation: Feasibility Investigation 1-gen-2021 Antonella Maria LoconsoleFrancesco BonelliGiuseppe PascazioFrancesco Prudenzano +
Manufacturing challenges and technological solutions for microwave ablation (MWA) probe prototyping 1-gen-2023 Valori M.Marrocco V.Bonelli F.Pascazio G.Portosi V.Prudenzano F. +
Numerical Investigation of High Enthalpy Flows 1-gen-2017 Bonelli, F.Cutrone, L.Pascazio, G. +
On the influence of non equilibrium in the free stream conditions of high enthalpy oxygen flows around a double-cone 1-gen-2022 Ninni, DBonelli, FPascazio, G +
Optimization of low-cost needle microwave applicators for cancer therapy 1-gen-2021 Portosi V.Loconsole A. M.Valori M.Marrocco V.Bonelli F.Pascazio G.Prudenzano F. +
Refinement of a Microwave Needle Applicator for Cancer Therapy via Metamaterials 1-gen-2022 Portosi V.Loconsole A. M.Valori M.Marrocco V.Bonelli F.Pascazio G.Prudenzano F. +