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A cross-layer approach to the optimal flow, power and rate control for maximum-throughput delivery of VBR traffic over wireless connections 1-gen-2011 Cordeschi N. +
A new family of optimized orthogonal Space-Times codes for PPM-based MIMO systems with imperfect channel estimates 1-gen-2007 Cordeschi N. +
A new FANET simulator for managing drone networks and providing dynamic connectivity 1-gen-2020 Cordeschi N. +
Cognitive MIMO radio: An emerging paradigm for enhancing wireless access capability 1-gen-2009 Cordeschi N. +
Conditionally optimal minimum-delay scheduling for bursty traffic over fading channels 1-gen-2010 Cordeschi N. +
Distributed and adaptive resource management in Cloud-assisted Cognitive Radio Vehicular Networks with hard reliability guarantees 1-gen-2015 Cordeschi N. +
Energy-efficient adaptive networked datacenters for the QoS support of real-time applications 1-gen-2015 Cordeschi N. +
Energy-Efficient Adaptive Resource Management for Real-Time Vehicular Cloud Services 1-gen-2019 Cordeschi N. +
Energy-efficient dynamic traffic offloading and reconfiguration of networked data centers for big data stream mobile computing: Review, challenges, and a case study 1-gen-2016 Cordeschi N. +
Energy-saving self-configuring networked data centers 1-gen-2013 Cordeschi N. +
Exploiting an Optimal Delay-Collision Tradeoff in CSMA-Based High-Dense Wireless Systems 1-gen-2021 Cordeschi N. +
Fairness-constrained optimized time-window controllers for secondary-users with primary-user reliability guarantees 1-gen-2018 Cordeschi N. +
FUGE: A joint meta-heuristic approach to cloud job scheduling algorithm using fuzzy theory and a genetic method 1-gen-2015 Cordeschi N. +
Fuzzy inference system design for promoting an eco-friendly driving style in IoV domain 1-gen-2022 Cordeschi N. +
Green multimedia wireless sensor networks: Distributed intelligent data fusion, in-network processing, and optimized resource management 1-gen-2014 Cordeschi N. +
Interference management for multiple multicasts with joint distributed source/channel/network coding 1-gen-2013 Cordeschi N. +
Jointly optimal source-flow, transmit-power, and sending-rate control for maximum-throughput delivery of VBR Traffic over faded links 1-gen-2012 Cordeschi N. +
Maximum-rate node selection for power-limited multiantenna relay backbones 1-gen-2009 Cordeschi N. +
Minimization of download times for large files over wireless channels 1-gen-2007 Cordeschi N. +
Minimum-energy bandwidth management for QoS live migration of virtual machines 1-gen-2015 Cordeschi N. +