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Micromagnetic Modeling of Nanocontact Spin-Torque Oscillators With Perpendicular Anisotropy at Zero Bias Field 1-gen-2008 Puliafito, V +
Micromagnetic Analysis of Nonlinear Dynamics in Spintronic Analog Modulators 1-gen-2009 Puliafito, V +
Analytical and Micromagnetic Study of Nonlinear Amplitude Modulation in Spintronic Modulators 1-gen-2010 Puliafito, V +
Hysteretic Synchronization in SpinTorque NanoContact Oscillators: a Micromagnetic Study 1-gen-2014 PULIAFITO, VITO +
Micromagnetic study of spin-transfer-driven vortex dipole and vortex quadrupole dynamics 1-gen-2014 Puliafito, VitoCARPENTIERI, Mario +
Switching properties in magnetic tunnel junctions with interfacial perpendicular anisotropy: Micromagnetic study 1-gen-2014 Riccardo TomaselloVito Puliafito +
Intrinsic synchronization of an array of spin-torque oscillators driven by the Spin Hall Effect 1-gen-2014 Tomasello, R.Puliafito, VitoCARPENTIERI, Mario +
Synchronization of Spin-Hall Oscillators: A Micromagnetic Study 1-gen-2015 Puliafito, VitoCARPENTIERI, Mario +
Skyrmion racetrack memories and beyond 1-gen-2015 CARPENTIERI, MarioZIVIERI, RobertoTomasello, R.Puliafito, Vito +
Micromagnetic modelling of synchronized three terminal magnetic tunnel junctions 1-gen-2015 CARPENTIERI, MarioVERGURA, SilvanoTomasello, RPuliafito, V +
Skyrmion based microwave detectors and harvesting 1-gen-2015 Tomasello, R.Puliafito, VitoCARPENTIERI, Mario +
Magnetic solitons driven by spin-based phenomena: a review on their features and potentialities 1-gen-2015 Tomasello, RPuliafito, VCARPENTIERI, Mario +
Intrinsic synchronization of an array of spin-torque oscillators driven by the spin-Hall effect 1-gen-2015 Tomasello RPuliafito VCARPENTIERI, Mario +
Micromagnetic study of skyrmion racetrack and microwave oscillator 1-gen-2015 Tomasello, RiccardoCARPENTIERI, MarioPuliafito, Vito +
Clocking for nanomagnetic logic driven by spin-Hall effect: a micromagnetic analysis 1-gen-2016 Vito Puliafito +
Magnetic Radial Vortex Stabilization and Efficient Manipulation Driven by the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya Interaction and Spin-Transfer Torque 1-gen-2016 Tomasello, RPuliafito, VitoCARPENTIERI, Mario +
Skyrmion based microwave detectors and harvesting 1-gen-2016 Tomasello, R.Puliafito, V.CARPENTIERI, Mario +
A time-frequency analysis of electrical users by means of Fourier and Wavelet transforms 1-gen-2016 VERGURA, SilvanoCARPENTIERI, MarioPuliafito, Vito
Spin-Hall nano-oscillator with oblique magnetization and Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction as generator of skyrmions and nonreciprocal spin-waves 1-gen-2016 Puliafito, VTomasello, RCARPENTIERI, Mario +
Scalable synchronization of spin-Hall oscillators in out-of-plane field 1-gen-2016 Puliafito, VCARPENTIERI, Mario +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 56
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