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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
Failure is an option: How failure can lead to disruptive innovations 1-gen-2024 Vittori D.Natalicchio A.Panniello U.Messeni Petruzzelli A.Albino V.Cupertino F.
The impact of technological relatedness, prior ties, and geographical distance on university-industry collaborations: A joint-patent analysis 1-gen-2011 MESSENI PETRUZZELLI, Antonio
Information and communication technology and geographical clusters: opportunities and spread 1-gen-2005 Carbonara, Nunzia
Innovation problems and search for solutions in crowdsourcing platforms – A simulation approach 1-gen-2017 Natalicchio, AngeloMesseni Petruzzelli, AntonioGaravelli, Achille Claudio
Innovation Processes within geographical clusters: a cognitive approach 1-gen-2004 CARBONARA, Nunzia
The interplay between technology characteristics, R&D internationalisation, and new product introduction: Empirical evidence from the energy conservation sector 1-gen-2020 Ardito, LorenzoMesseni Petruzzelli, Antonio +
Knowledge Transfer and Inter-Firm Relationship in Industrial Districts: The Role of the Leader Firm 1-gen-1998 Albino, V.Garavelli, A. C. +
A literature review on markets for ideas: Emerging characteristics and unanswered questions 1-gen-2014 NATALICCHIO, AngeloMESSENI PETRUZZELLI, AntonioGARAVELLI, Achille Claudio
Managing knowledge transfer by knowledge technologies 1-gen-2002 Garavelli, A. C.Gorgoglione, M.Scozzi, B.
A metric for measuring Knowledge Codification in Organisation Learning 1-gen-2001 Albino, V.Garavelli, A. C. +
The role of big data analytics in improving the quality of healthcare services in the Italian context: The mediating role of risk management 1-gen-2024 Basile L. J.Carbonara N.Panniello U.Pellegrino R.
Smart city governance from an innovation management perspective: Theoretical framing, review of current practices, and future research agenda 1-gen-2023 Ardito L.Messeni Petruzzelli A. +
Stimulating Innovation and Entrepreneurship in High-Technology Sectors -the Role of Cultural and Creative Industries 1-gen-2020 Messeni Petruzzelli Antonio +
A system dynamics model to analyze technology districts' evolution in a knowledge-based perspective 1-gen-2010 Dangelico, Rosa MariaGaravelli, Achille ClaudioPetruzzelli, Antonio Messeni
Mostrati risultati da 8 a 21 di 21
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