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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
Cattaneo-Mindlin plane problem with Griffith friction 1-gen-2015 PAPANGELO, AntonioCIAVARELLA, Michele
The effect of engagement laws on the thermomechanical damage of multidisk clutches and brakes 1-gen-2004 Afferrante, L.Decuzzi, P.
The effect of material properties on the thermoelastic stability of sliding systems 1-gen-2002 Decuzzi, P.Demelio, G.
Elastic contact of rough surfaces: A simple criterion to make 2D isotropic roughness equivalent to 1D one 1-gen-2013 PUTIGNANO, CarmineCARBONE, Giuseppe +
A Greenwood & Williamson theory for line contact 1-gen-2011 PUTIGNANO, CarmineCIAVARELLA, Michele +
Inclusion of "interaction" in the Greenwood and Williamson contact theory 1-gen-2008 CIAVARELLA, Michele +
Interacting and coalescing Hertzian asperities: A new multiasperity contact model 1-gen-2012 AFFERRANTE, LucianoCARBONE, GiuseppeDEMELIO, Giuseppe Pompeo
A new 2D asperity model with interaction for studying the contact of multiscale rough random profiles 1-gen-2006 CIAVARELLA, MicheleDelfine, Vito Antonio +
A note on Merwin’s measurements of forward flow in rolling contact 1-gen-2004 Afferrante LCiavarella M +
On the elastic contact of rough surfaces: Numerical experiments and comparisons with recent theories 1-gen-2006 CIAVARELLA, MicheleDEMELIO, Giuseppe Pompeo +
A re-examination of rolling contact fatigue experiments by Clayton and Su with suggestions for surface durability calculations 1-gen-2004 Afferrante, L.Ciavarella, M.Demelio, G.
Short-pitch rail corrugation: a possible resonance-free regime as a step forward to explain the “enigma”? 1-gen-2009 AFFERRANTE, LucianoCIAVARELLA, Michele
The coefficient of proportionality K between real contact area and load, with new asperity models 1-gen-2010 CIAVARELLA, Michele +
Transient analysis of frictionally excited thermoelastic instability in multi-disk clutches and brakes 1-gen-2003 Afferrante LCiavarella MDecuzzi PDemelio G
Mostrati risultati da 2 a 15 di 15
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