Costantino, Domenica

Costantino, Domenica  

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3D and 2D documentation and visualization of cultural heritage 1-gen-2011 COSTANTINO, DomenicaANGELINI, MARIA GIUSEPPA +
3D Modeling for the Urban Area “Porta Napoli” 1-gen-2006 COSTANTINO, DomenicaROSSI, Gabriele +
3D modeling of roman bridge by the integration of terrestrial and UAV photogrammetric survey for structural analysis purpose 1-gen-2019 Pepe M.Costantino D. +
4D Geomatics Monitoring of a Quarry for the Calculation of Extracted Volumes by Tin and Grid Model: Contribute of UAV Photogrammetry 1-gen-2021 Massimiliano PepeDomenica CostantinoVincenzo Saverio Alfio +
A CityGML multiscale approach for the conservation and management of cultural heritage: The case study of the old town of Taranto (Italy) 1-gen-2020 Massimiliano PepeDomenica CostantinoVincenzo Saverio Alfio +
A geographic information system for stone structures management 1-gen-2017 Costantino, D.Angelini, MG.
A Geomatics Approach in Scan to FEM Process Applied to Cultural Heritage Structure: The Case Study of the “Colossus of Barletta” 1-gen-2022 Alfio V. S.Costantino D.Pepe M. +
A GIS Procedure to Assess Shoreline Changes over Time Using Multi-temporal Maps: An Analysis of a Sandy Shoreline in Southern Italy over the Last 100 Years 1-gen-2023 Pepe M.Costantino D.Alfio V. S.
A novel method based on deep learning, gis and geomatics software for building a 3d city model from vhr satellite stereo imagery 1-gen-2021 Pepe M.Costantino D.Alfio V. S.Vozza G.Cartellino E.
A Procedure to Obtain a 3D Model in Bim and Structural Analysis Software 1-gen-2020 Domenica CostantinoMassimiliano Pepe +
An Efficient Pipeline to Obtain 3D Model for HBIM and Structural Analysis Purposes from 3D Point Clouds 1-gen-2020 Massimiliano PepeDomenica Costantino +
Analisi delle deformazioni crostali dell’arco Ionico tarantino 1-gen-2005 COSTANTINO, Domenica +
Analisi preliminare delle deformazioni dell’area dell’arco Ionico-Tarantino 1-gen-2003 COSTANTINO, Domenica +
Applicazioni di fotogrammetria e laser scanner terrestre alle Colonne del Tempio di Poseidone, Taranto 1-gen-2003 COSTANTINO, Domenica +
Assessment of 3D Model for Photogrammetric Purposes Using AI Tools Based on NeRF Algorithm 1-gen-2023 Vincenzo Saverio AlfioDomenica Costantino +
ASTER image for environmental monitoring: Change detection and thermal map 1-gen-2017 Angelini, Maria GiuseppaCostantino, DomenicaDi Nisio, Attilio
Automatic extraction of features from LIDAR data and production of DTM 1-gen-2014 COSTANTINO, DomenicaANGELINI, MARIA GIUSEPPA
Automatic process for extraction of bidimensional rappresentations from LIDAR data 1-gen-2011 CAPRIOLI, MauroCOSTANTINO, Domenica +
Automatic Registration of Large Range Datasets with Spin-Images 1-gen-2011 COSTANTINO, Domenica +