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A Compact, Highly Sensitive pH Sensor Based on Polymer Waveguide Bragg Grating 1-gen-2023 Saha N.Brunetti G.Armenise M. N.Ciminelli C.
A novel hybrid platform for live/dead bacteria accurate sorting by on-chip DEP device 1-gen-2023 A. dI TOMAG. BRUNETTIC. CIMINELLI +
Chip-Scaled Ka-Band Photonic Linearly Chirped Microwave Waveform Generator 1-gen-2022 G. BRUNETTIM. N. ARMENISEC. CIMINELLI
Chirped Microwave Waveform Generation with High Spectral Purity 1-gen-2019 C. CIMINELLIF. DELL'OLIOG. BRUNETTI +
Comprehensive mathematical modelling of ultra-high Q grating-assisted ring resonators 1-gen-2020 Brunetti, GiuseppeDell’ Olio, FrancescoConteduca, DonatoArmenise, Mario NicolaCiminelli, Caterina
Coupled ring resonators at fibonacci frequencies 1-gen-2020 Ciminelli C.Brunetti G.Armenise M. N. +
Debris Detection and Tracking Through On-Board LiDAR 1-gen-2023 Campiti, GiulioTagliente, MattiaBrunetti, GiuseppeArmenise, Mario N.Ciminelli, Caterina
Design of a large bandwidth 2 × 2 interferometric switching cell based on a sub-wavelength grating 1-gen-2021 Giuseppe BrunettiGiovanna MaroccoAlessandro Di BenedettoAgostino GiorgioMario Nicola ArmeniseCaterina Ciminelli
Design of an ultra-compact graphene-based integrated microphotonic tunable delay line 1-gen-2018 Giuseppe BrunettiDonato ConteducaFrancesco Dell'OlioCaterina CiminelliMario N. Armenise
Dielectric metasurface for multiple optical trapping 1-gen-2021 G. BRUNETTIG. MAROCCON. SASANELLIM. N. ARMENISEC. CIMINELLI +
Dielectric resonant metasurface for multiplexed near-field optical trapping 1-gen-2021 G. BRUNETTIC. CIMINELLI +
Electro-photonic chip-scale microsystem for label-free single bacteria monitoring 1-gen-2019 Francesco Dell’OlioDonato ConteducaGiuseppe BrunettiCaterina CiminelliMario N. Armenise +
Emerging applications of Whispering Gallery Mode photonic resonators 1-gen-2017 Ciminelli, C.Brunetti, G.Dell’Olio, F.Innone, F.Conteduca, D.Armenise, M. N.
Exploring the Limit of Multiplexed Near-Field Optical Trapping 1-gen-2021 Giuseppe BrunettiCaterina Ciminelli +
Fully Reconfigurable Photonic Filter for Flexible Payloads 1-gen-2024 Annarita di TomaGiuseppe BrunettiNabarun SahaCaterina Ciminelli
Graphene/Silicon Schottky Junction Solar Cells 1-gen-2018 Ciminelli, CaterinaDell'Olio, FrancescoBrunetti, GiuseppeConteduca, DonatoArmenise, Mario N.
High performance and tunable optical pump-rejection filter for quantum photonic systems 1-gen-2021 Giuseppe BrunettiNicola SasanelliMario N. ArmeniseCaterina Ciminelli
High-efficiency optoelectronic system for monitoring of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in bacteria 1-gen-2018 Conteduca D.Dell'Olio F.Brunetti G.Ciminelli C.Armenise M. N. +
High-performance chirped microwave generator based on ultra-high Q resonator for space applications 1-gen-2021 G. BRUNETTIG. MAROCCOM. N. ARMENISEC. CIMINELLI
Highly Sensitive Refractive Index Sensor based on Polymer Bragg Grating: A case study on Extracellular Vesicles Detection 1-gen-2022 Nabarun SahaGiuseppe BrunettiMario Nicola ArmeniseCaterina Ciminelli +