Avitabile, Gianfranco

Avitabile, Gianfranco  

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A Beam Steering Unit for Active Phased-Array Antennas based on FPGA Synthesized Delay-lines and PLLs 1-gen-2015 D'Amato, GiulioAVITABILE, GianfrancoCoviello G. +
A 10 bits three channels 0.35 um SiGe phase shifter 1-gen-2016 Coviello, GiuseppeAvitabile, GianfrancoPiccinni, GiovanniMargiotta, Nicola
A 10-bits three channels phase shifter integrated circuit for Active Electronic Scanned Array applications 1-gen-2015 CovielloAvitabile GMargiotta N +
A 11-bit Track and Hold Amplifier in 0.25 µm SiGe BiCMOS for RF sampling receivers 1-gen-2013 AVITABILE, GianfrancoCoviello G. +
A 12-bit track and hold amplifier for giga-sample applications 1-gen-2015 AVITABILE, Gianfranco +
A 18 GHz MMIC biquad active filter 1-gen-2002 Avitabile, Gianfranco +
A 2-GS/s 0.35μm SiGe track-and-hold amplifier with 7-GHz analog bandwidth using a novel input buffer 1-gen-2011 AVITABILE, GianfrancoCoviello, G. +
A 2.5-GS/s 62dB THD SiGe Track-and-Hold Amplifier with feedthrough cancellation technique 1-gen-2012 AVITABILE, GianfrancoCoviello G. +
A 5.8-GHz ISM band active 90° hybrid and variable attenuator 1-gen-2003 Avitabile, G. +
A 94dB 1.6GHz SiGe Fully Differential Operational Amplifier Using a Novel Class AB Output Stage 1-gen-2010 AVITABILE, GianfrancoCoviello, G. +
A basic module for active array antenna applications 1-gen-1993 AVITABILE, Gianfranco +
A Beam Steering Transmitter Prototype for IOT Communications 1-gen-2018 G. D'AmatoG. AvitabileG. Coviello +
A CAD‐oriented approach for aperture‐coupled patch antennas 1-gen-1993 Avitabile G +
A Compact 70-86 GHz Bandwidth Frequency Quadrupler with Transformer-Based Harmonic Reflectors in 28nm CMOS 1-gen-2023 Avitabile, G +
A compact 90° hybrid for MMIC applications 1-gen-2001 Avitabile, G. +
A compact MMIC 90 degrees coupler for ISM applications 1-gen-1997 Avitabile G. +
A complete behavioral model of radiation-pattern characteristics of phased array using a novel digital phase shifter 1-gen-2009 G. CovielloAVITABILE, Gianfranco +
A complete behavioral system model for a novel phase shifter technique 1-gen-2009 Coviello, G.AVITABILE, Gianfranco +
A DDS-PLL beam steering polar transmitter for narrowband IoT communications 1-gen-2017 D’Amato, G.Avitabile, G.Coviello, G. +
A direct wireless signals receivers architecture with noise sources modeling 1-gen-2005 Capodiferro, MassimoAvitabile, G. +