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2D CFD analysis of servovalve main stage internal leakage 1-gen-2019 Paolo TamburranoElia DistasoRiccardo AmirantePietro De Palma +
A biomass small-scale externally fired combined cycle plant for heat and power generation in rural communities 1-gen-2019 Amirante, RiccardoBruno, SergioDistaso, EliaLa Scala, MassimoTamburrano, Paolo
A novel piezoelectric double-flapper servovalve pilot stage: Operating principle and performance prediction 1-gen-2018 Tamburrano, PaoloAmirante, RiccardoDistaso, Elia +
A novel servovalve pilot stage actuated by a piezo-electric ring bender: A numerical and experimental analysis 1-gen-2020 Tamburrano, PaoloDe Palma, PietroDistaso, EliaAmirante, Riccardo +
A novel servovalve pilot stage actuated by a piezoelectric ring bender (Part II): Design model and full simulation 1-gen-2020 Tamburrano, PaoloDe Palma, PietroDistaso, EliaAmirante, Riccardo +
A review of direct drive proportional electrohydraulic spool valves: Industrial state-of-the-art and research advancements 1-gen-2019 Tamburrano, PaoloDistaso, EliaAmirante, Riccardo +
A review of electro-hydraulic servovalve research and development 1-gen-2019 Paolo TamburranoElia DistasoRiccardo Amirante +
A Review of Novel Architectures of Servovalves Driven by Piezoelectric Actuators 1-gen-2021 Tamburrano, PSciatti, FDistaso, EDe Palma, PAmirante, R +
A small size combined system for the production of energy from renewable sources and unconventional fuels 1-gen-2015 AMIRANTE, RiccardoDISTASO, EliaTAMBURRANO, Paolo +
A tri-generation plant fuelled with olive tree pruning residues in Apulia: An energetic and economic analysis 1-gen-2016 AMIRANTE, RiccardoDISTASO, EliaRUGGIERO, FrancescoTAMBURRANO, PAOLO +
Acoustic cavitation by means ultrasounds in the extra virgin olive oil extraction process 1-gen-2017 Amirante, R.Distaso, E.Tamburrano, P.Pettinicchio, D. +
An adaptive fuzzy logic algorithm for the thrust control of a small turbojet engine 1-gen-2010 Riccardo AmiranteLuciano Andrea CatalanoPaolo Tamburrano
An explicit, non-iterative, single equation formulation for an accurate one dimensional estimation of vaneless radial diffusers in turbomachines 1-gen-2015 AMIRANTE, RiccardoDE BELLIS, FABIODISTASO, EliaTAMBURRANO, Paolo
Analysis of the combustion process in a lean-burning turbulent jet ignition engine fueled with methane 1-gen-2020 Distaso, EliaAmirante, RiccardoCassone, EgidioDe Palma, PietroTamburrano, Paolo +
Analysis of the complementary energy losses of a high temperature gas to gas heat exchanger based on a solid intermediate medium 1-gen-2012 L. A. CatalanoR. AmiranteP. Tamburrano +
Analytical Correlations for Modeling the Laminar Flame Speed of Natural Gas Surrogate Mixtures 1-gen-2017 Amirante, R.Distaso, E.Tamburrano, P. +
CFD analysis of the squeeze film damping mechanism in the first stage of servovalves 1-gen-2019 Paolo TamburranoPietro De PalmaElia DistasoRiccardo Amirante +
Design of a novel open space test rig for small scale wind turbine 1-gen-2017 Amirante, RiccardoDe Palma, PietroDistaso, EliaLa Scala, MassimoTamburrano, Paolo
Detailed simulations of an aircraft fuel system by means of Simulink 1-gen-2022 Sciatti F.Tamburrano P.De Palma P.Distaso E.Amirante R.
Direct drive servovalves actuated by amplified piezo-stacks: Assessment through a detailed numerical analysis 1-gen-2021 Tamburrano P.Distaso E.Sciatti F.De Palma P.Amirante R. +