Berloco, Nicola

Berloco, Nicola  

Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile, Ambientale, del Territorio, Edile e di Chimica  

Settore ICAR/04 - Strade, Ferrovie ed Aeroporti  

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A scientific approach searching for a protocol to design and improve safety of existing roads 1-gen-2016 Colonna, PasqualeBerloco, NicolaIntini, PaoloRanieri, Vittorio
A scientific approach to determine the benefits of automation and technological innovation on road safety 1-gen-2021 Coropulis S.Berloco N.Intini P.Ranieri V.
Aberrant behaviors of drivers involved in crashes and related injury severity: Are there variations between the major cities in the same country? In corso di stampa Nicola BerlocoStefano CoropulisVittorio Ranieri +
An evolved concept of connectivity: the “Service reliability" 1-gen-2005 COLONNA, PasqualeBERLOCO, NICOLA
An innovative interpretation of reliability as an expression of the expected road service quality 1-gen-2007 COLONNA, PasqualeBERLOCO, NICOLA +
An Integrated Design Framework for Safety Interventions on Existing Urban Roads—Development and Case Study Application 1-gen-2019 Colonna, PasqualeIntini, PaoloBerloco, NicolaFedele, VeronicaMasi, GiuseppeRanieri, Vittorio
Analysis of the Factors Influencing Speed Cushion Effectiveness in the Urban Context: A Case Study Experiment in the City of Bari, Italy 1-gen-2023 Berloco, NicolaCoropulis, StefanoRanieri, Vittorio +
Application of bottom ash for pavement binder course 1-gen-2012 Colonna, P.Berloco, N.Ranieri, V. +
Application of Global Level of Service as an expression of service reliability 1-gen-2007 BERLOCO, NICOLACOLONNA, Pasquale
Computational Fluid Dynamics as a Tool to Estimate Hydraulic Conductivity of Permeable Asphalts 1-gen-2020 Fedele, VeronicaBerloco, NicolaColonna, PasqualeIntini, PaoloRanieri, Vittorio +
Connecting Rural Road Design to Automated Vehicles: The Concept of Safe Speed to Overcome Human Errors 1-gen-2018 Colonna, P.Intini, P.Berloco, N.Ranieri, V.
Determination of Bearing Capacity of Cleared and Graded Areas at Airports 1-gen-2021 Vittorio RanieriNicola BerlocoVeronica FedelePaolo IntiniPasquale Colonna +
Effects of Berlin speed cushions in urban restricted speed zones: a case study in Bari, Italy 1-gen-2022 Berloco N.Coropulis S.Intini P.Ranieri V.
Effects of Cold Climate on Mechanical Performance and Permeability of Porous Asphalts Treated with Waxes 1-gen-2016 Ranieri, VittorioBerloco, NicolaColonna, Pasquale +
Effects of Reclaimed Asphalt, Wax Additive, and Compaction Temperature on Characteristics and Mechanical Properties of Porous Asphalt 1-gen-2022 Ranieri, VittorioBerloco, NicolaIntini, Paolo +
Evacuation Modelling and Human Behaviour using FDS+Evac in Urban Tunnel Fires 1-gen-2009 BERLOCO, NICOLACOLONNA, Pasquale +
Evaluating Skidding Risk of a Road Layout for All Types of Vehicles 1-gen-2016 Colonna, P.Berloco, N.Intini, P.Perruccio, A.Ranieri, V.
Exploring the relationships between drivers’ familiarity and two-lane rural road accidents. A multi-level study 1-gen-2018 Intini, P.Berloco, N.Colonna, P.Ranieri, V. +
External and Internal Risk Model: Theory and Practice 1-gen-2016 Colonna, PasqualeIntini, PaoloBerloco, NicolaRanieri, Vittorio
External and internal risk of the user in road safety and the necessity for a control process 1-gen-2011 COLONNA, PasqualeBERLOCO, NICOLA