Maddalena, Francesco

Maddalena, Francesco  

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A Metric Approach to Elastic Reformations 1-gen-2014 MADDALENA, Francesco +
A New Variational Approach to Linearization of Traction Problems in Elasticity 1-gen-2019 Francesco Maddalena +
A Numerical Framework for Nonlinear Peridynamics on Two-Dimensional Manifolds Based on Implicit P-(EC)\(^{ {\boldsymbol k}}\) Schemes 1-gen-2024 Coclite, AlessandroCoclite, Giuseppe M.Maddalena, FrancescoPoliti, Tiziano
A surface energy approach to the mass reduction problem for elastic bodies 1-gen-2009 DE TOMMASI, DomenicoMADDALENA, Francesco +
A variational model of irrigation patterns 1-gen-2003 Maddalena, F.Solimini, S. +
Adhesion and debonding in a model of elastic string 1-gen-2019 Giuseppe Maria CocliteGiuseppe FlorioFrancesco Maddalena +
Adhesive flexible material structures 1-gen-2012 Maddalena, F. +
Blow-up of the quantum potential for a free particle in one dimension 1-gen-2013 DEVILLANOVA, GiuseppeFLORIO, GiuseppeMADDALENA, Francesco
Blow-up techniques and regularity near the boundary for free discontinuity problems 1-gen-2001 Francesco MaddalenaSergio Solimini
Concentration and flatness properties of the singular set of bisected balls 1-gen-2001 Maddalena, FrancescoSolimini, Sergio
Conservation Laws in Continuum Mechanics 1-gen-2022 Coclite, Giuseppe MariaMaddalena, Francesco
Cryogenic delamination and sustainability: analysis of an innovative recycling process for photovoltaic crystalline modules 1-gen-2017 Dassisti, M.Florio, G.Maddalena, F.
Cryogenic delamination: mathematical modeling and analysis of an innovative recycling process for photovoltaic crystalline modules 1-gen-2020 Michele DassistiGiuseppe FlorioFrancesco Maddalena
Dispersive effects in a scalar nonlocal wave equation inspired by peridynamics 1-gen-2022 Coclite, Giuseppe MariaMaddalena, Francesco +
Dispersive Effects in Two- and Three-Dimensional Peridynamics 1-gen-2023 Coclite, A.Coclite, G. M.Maddalena, F. +
Elastic multiblisters induced by geometric constraints 1-gen-2021 D. De TommasiG. DevillanovaF. Maddalena +
Elastic structures in adhesion interaction 1-gen-2012 Francesco Maddalena +
Elastic-brittle reinforcement of flexural structures 1-gen-2021 Maddalena F. +
Energy minimizing states in adhesion problems for elastic rods 1-gen-2010 Maddalena FPuglisi G +
Euler's optimal profile problem 1-gen-2020 Maddalena, F +