Florio, Giuseppe

Florio, Giuseppe  

Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile, Ambientale, del Territorio, Edile e di Chimica  

Settore MAT/07 - Fisica Matematica  

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A coarse-grained mechanical model for folding and unfolding of tropoelastin with possible mutations 1-gen-2021 Giuseppe FlorioGiuseppe Puglisi +
A predictive model for the thermomechanical melting transition of double stranded DNA 1-gen-2023 G. FlorioG. Puglisi
Adhesion and debonding in a model of elastic string 1-gen-2019 Giuseppe Maria CocliteGiuseppe FlorioFrancesco Maddalena +
Applications of magnetic materials 1-gen-2022 G. Florio
Bang-bang control of a qubit coupled to a quantum critical spin bath 1-gen-2008 Florio, G. +
Binary mixtures of condensates in generic confining potentials 1-gen-2011 FLORIO, Giuseppe +
Blow-up of the quantum potential for a free particle in one dimension 1-gen-2013 DEVILLANOVA, GiuseppeFLORIO, GiuseppeMADDALENA, Francesco
Characterizing and measuring multipartite entanglement 1-gen-2007 FLORIO, Giuseppe +
Classical statistical mechanics approach to multipartite entanglement 1-gen-2010 Florio, G. +
Cooperative melting in double-stranded peptide chains through local mechanical interactions 1-gen-2023 Bellino L.Florio G.Puglisi G. +
Cryogenic delamination and sustainability: analysis of an innovative recycling process for photovoltaic crystalline modules 1-gen-2017 Dassisti, M.Florio, G.Maddalena, F.
Cryogenic delamination: mathematical modeling and analysis of an innovative recycling process for photovoltaic crystalline modules 1-gen-2020 Michele DassistiGiuseppe FlorioFrancesco Maddalena
Decoherence in holonomic quantum computation 1-gen-2006 FLORIO, Giuseppe
Device influence in single molecule isotensional experiments 1-gen-2020 Luca BellinoGiuseppe FlorioGiuseppe Puglisi
Domain wall suppression in trapped mixtures of Bose-Einstein condensates 1-gen-2012 FLORIO, Giuseppe +
Entanglement frustration in multimode Gaussian states 1-gen-2012 Lupo, CosmoFLORIO, Giuseppe +
Entanglement of two blocks of spins in the critical Ising model 1-gen-2008 Florio, G. +
Entropy-driven phase transitions of entanglement 1-gen-2013 FLORIO, Giuseppe +
Esercizi di fisica 1-gen-2010 G. E. BrunoG. Florio +
Feynman graphs and the large dimensional limit of multipartite entanglement 1-gen-2018 Florio, G. +