Solimini, Sergio Fausto Libero

Solimini, Sergio Fausto Libero  

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A multiplicity result for elliptic equations at critical growth in low dimension 1-gen-2003 Devillanova, G.Solimini, S.
A note on compactness-type properties with respect to Lorentz norms of bounded subset of a Sobolev Space 1-gen-1995 SOLIMINI, Sergio Fausto
A variational method in image segmentation: Existence and approximation results 1-gen-1992 Solimini, S. +
A variational model of irrigation patterns 1-gen-2003 Maddalena, F.Solimini, S. +
An elementary proof of a characterization of constant functions 1-gen-2008 SOLIMINI, Sergio Fausto +
Blow-up techniques and regularity near the boundary for free discontinuity problems 1-gen-2001 Francesco MaddalenaSergio Solimini
Concentration analysis in Banach spaces 1-gen-2015 SOLIMINI, Sergio Fausto +
Concentration and flatness properties of the singular set of bisected balls 1-gen-2001 Maddalena, FrancescoSolimini, Sergio
Concentration estimates and multiple solutions to elliptic problems at critical growth 1-gen-2002 Devillanova, GiuseppeSolimini, Sergio Fausto
Elementary properties of optimal irrigation patterns 1-gen-2007 DEVILLANOVA, GiuseppeSOLIMINI, Sergio Fausto
Fractal regularity results on optimal irrigation patterns 1-gen-2014 SOLIMINI, Sergio Fausto +
Hölder continuity conditions for the solvability of Dirichlet problems involving functionals with free discontinuities 1-gen-2001 Maddalena, F.Solimini, S. +
Infinitely many bound states for some nonlinear scalar field equations 1-gen-2004 Cerami GDevillanova GSolimini S.
Infinitely many positive solutions to some nonsymmetric scalar field equations: the planar case 1-gen-2015 Devillanova GSolimini S
Infinitely many positive solutions to some scalar field equations with non-symmetric coefficients 1-gen-2013 CERAMI, GiovannaSOLIMINI, Sergio Fausto +
Integral Symmetry Conditions 1-gen-2020 GIUSEPPE DEVILLANOVASERGIO SOLIMINI
Lower Semicontinuity Properties of Functionals with Free Discontinuities 1-gen-2001 Francesco MaddalenaSergio Solimini
Measure valued solutions for an optimal harvesting problem 1-gen-2020 Giuseppe Maria CocliteGiuseppe DevillanovaSergio Solimini
Min-max levels on the double natural constraint 1-gen-2006 SOLIMINI, Sergio Fausto
Min-max levels transition in parametrized elliptic problems on unbounded domains 1-gen-2022 Devillanova, GSolimini, S