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Capolupo, Alessandra  

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A Crowd-Sensing System for Geomatics Applications 1-gen-2019 Alessandra CapolupoEufemia Tarantino +
A novel approach for detecting agricultural terraced landscapes from historical and contemporaneous photogrammetric aerial photos 1-gen-2018 Alessandra Capolupo +
A WebGIS Prototype for Visualizing and Monitoring the Spatio-temporal Changes in Seawater Quality 1-gen-2022 Capolupo A.Monterisi C.Spasiano D.Ferraro A.Mali M.Fratino U.Tarantino E.
Accuracy assessment of cultural heritage models extracting 3D point cloud geometric features with RPAS SfM-MVS and TLS techniques 1-gen-2021 Capolupo A.
An interactive webgis framework for coastal erosion risk management 1-gen-2021 Alessandra CapolupoCristina MonterisiLeonardo DamianiEufemia Tarantino +
Assessing the ability of hybrid poplar for in-situ phytoextraction of cadmium by using UAV-photogrammetry and 3D flow simulator 1-gen-2018 Capolupo, Alessandra +
Assessing volumetric and geomorphologic changes of terraces in Amalfi Coast using photogrammetric technique 1-gen-2017 Alessandra Capolupo +
Clarity, servizi climatici di nuova generazione 1-gen-2018 Alessandra Capolupo +
CLARITY’s climate services: Using EURO-CORDEX simulations and including dynamical-statistical downscaling to allocate current and future climate-related hazard patterns at different spatial scales. 1-gen-2019 Alessandra Capolupo +
Climate Services to support urban resilient planning and design: the CLARITY methodology 1-gen-2019 Alessandra Capolupo +
Cloud-to-cloud assessment of UAV and TLS 3D reconstructions of cultural heritage monuments: The case of Torre Zozzoli 1-gen-2020 Mirko SaponaroAlessandra CapolupoEufemia Tarantino +
Combining interior orientation variables to predict the accuracy of rpas-sfm 3D models 1-gen-2020 Alessandra CapolupoMirko SaponaroEufemia Tarantino +
Combining OBIA approach and Machine Learning algorithm to extract photovoltaic panels from Sentinel-2 images automatically 1-gen-2022 Ladisa C.Capolupo A.Tarantino E. +
Comparative Analysis of Different UAV-Based Photogrammetric Processes to Improve Product Accuracies 1-gen-2019 Mirko SaponaroCapolupo, AlessandraEufemia TarantinoUmberto Fratino
Consequence of land use changes into energy crops in Campania region 1-gen-2013 Alessandra Capolupo +
Crowdsensing Close-Range Photogrammetry for Accurately Reconstructing a Digital Twin of a Cultural Heritage Building Using a Smartphone and a Compact Camera 1-gen-2023 Monterisi C.Capolupo A.Tarantino E.
Data fusion of terrestrial laser scanner and remotely piloted aircraft systems points clouds for monitoring the coastal protection systems 1-gen-2020 Saponaro, M.Pratola, L.Capolupo, A.Saponieri, A.Damiani, L.Fratino, U.Tarantino, E.
Detecting long-term changes of vegetation in vulnerable coastal areas using Landsat satellite images 1-gen-2019 Alessandra CapolupoCristina MonterisiMirko SaponaroUmberto FratinoEufemia Tarantino
Detection of spatio-temporal changes of vegetation in coastal areas subjected to soil erosion issue 1-gen-2020 Capolupo, A.Saponaro, M.Fratino, U.Tarantino, E.
Development of an Open-Source 3D WebGIS Framework to Promote Cultural Heritage Dissemination 1-gen-2022 Capolupo A.Monterisi C.Tarantino E.