Spasiano, Danilo

Spasiano, Danilo  

Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile, Ambientale, del Territorio, Edile e di Chimica  

Settore ICAR/03 - Ingegneria Sanitaria-Ambientale  

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A combined system for asbestos-cement waste degradation by dark fermentation and resulting supernatant valorization in anaerobic digestion 1-gen-2022 Spasiano, D.Petrella, A.Fratino, U.Piccinni, A. F. +
A kinetic study of the simultaneous removal of EDDS and cupric ions from acidic aqueous solutions by TiO2-based photocatalysis under artificial solar light irradiation and deaerated batch conditions 1-gen-2015 SPASIANO, Danilo +
A potential risk assessment tool to monitor pathogens circulation in coastal waters 1-gen-2021 Ferraro A.Spasiano D. +
A preliminary Evaluation of the Public Risk Perception related to the COVID-19 Health Emergency in Italy 1-gen-2020 Giulia Motta ZaninAlessandro ParisiDanilo Spasiano +
A WebGIS Prototype for Visualizing and Monitoring the Spatio-temporal Changes in Seawater Quality 1-gen-2022 Capolupo A.Monterisi C.Spasiano D.Ferraro A.Mali M.Fratino U.Tarantino E.
Alkaline direct transesterification of different species of Stichococcus for bio-oil production 1-gen-2016 SPASIANO, Danilo +
An evaluation of the application of a TiO2/ Cu(II)/solar simulated radiation system for selective oxidation of benzyl alcohol derivatives 1-gen-2013 SPASIANO, Danilo +
Assessment of environmental parameters effect on potentially toxic elements mobility in foreshore sediments to support marine-coastal contamination prediction 1-gen-2023 Ferraro, AlbertoMali, MatildaSpasiano, DaniloFratino, Umberto +
Biodegradation, ecotoxicity and UV254/H2O2 treatment of imidazole, 1-methyl-imidazole and N,N’-alkyl-imidazolium chlorides in water 1-gen-2016 SPASIANO, DaniloPirozzi, Francesco +
Characterising contaminants distribution in marine-coastal sediments through multivariate and nonparametric statistical analyses: a complementary strategy supporting environmental monitoring and control 1-gen-2023 Ferraro A.Parisi A.Mali M.Spasiano D.Fratino U. +
Chemical Destabilization of Fresh and Spent Cutting Oil Emulsions: Differences between an Ecofriendly and Two Commercial Synthetic Lubricants 1-gen-2020 Spasiano, DaniloPetrella, Andrea +
Chronic toxicity of treated and untreated aqueous solutions containing imidazole-based ionic liquids and their oxydized by-products 1-gen-2019 Danilo Spasiano +
Copper modified-TiO2 catalysts for hydrogen generation through photoreforming of organics. A short review 1-gen-2014 SPASIANO, Danilo +
Dark fermentation process as pretreatment for a sustainable denaturation of asbestos containing wastes 1-gen-2018 Spasiano, Danilo
Direct photolysis of benzoylecgonine under UV irradiation at 254nm in a continuous flow microcapillary array photoreactor 1-gen-2016 SPASIANO, Danilo +
Ethylenediamine-N,N'-Disuccinic Acid (EDDS)-Enhanced Flushing Optimization for Contaminated Agricultural Soil Remediation and Assessment of Prospective Cu and Zn Transport 1-gen-2018 Ferraro, AlbertoSpasiano, Danilo +
Evaluation of the hydraulic and hydrodynamic parameters influencing photo-catalytic degradation of bio-persistent pollutants in a pilot plant 1-gen-2019 Petrella, AndreaSpasiano, Danilo +
Fe(iii)-photocatalytic partial oxidation of benzyl alcohol to benzaldehyde under UV-solar simulated radiation 1-gen-2013 SPASIANO, Danilo +
Feasibility study of saffron cultivation using a semi-saline water by managing planting date, a new statement 1-gen-2022 Danilo Spasiano +
Haloculture: A system to mitigate the negative impacts of pandemics on the environment, society and economy, emphasizing COVID-19 1-gen-2021 Spasiano, Danilo +