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Mossa, Giorgio  

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A carbon footprint calculator for the municipal waste collection system of Bari 1-gen-2015 Digiesi, S.Mossa, G.Mummolo, G.Verriello, R.
A circular approach for the management of biogas flows from sewage sludge 1-gen-2022 Vitti M.Facchini F.Mazzilli M.Mossa G. +
A Cyber - Based DSS for a low carbon integrated waste management system in a smart city 1-gen-2015 DIGIESI, SalvatoreFACCHINI, FrancescoMOSSA, GiorgioMUMMOLO, GiovanniVERRIELLO, Rossella
A DSS to minimize carbon footprint of integrated waste management system 1-gen-2014 Francesco BoenziSalvatore DigiesiGiorgio MossaGiovanni MummoloRossella Verriello
A framework for Design and Planning of Health-care Service Networks 1-gen-2011 DIGIESI, SalvatoreMOSSA, GiorgioMUMMOLO, Giovanni +
A loss factor based approach for sustainable logistics 1-gen-2012 DIGIESI, SalvatoreMOSSA, GiorgioMUMMOLO, Giovanni
A mathematical model of human error probability for cognitive-oriented tasks 1-gen-2019 Digiesi S.Facchini F.Mossa G.Mummolo G.
A Milk-run routing and Scheduling model for a Smart Manufacturing System 1-gen-2022 Facchini, FrancescoMossa, GiorgioDe Tullio, Simona
A model based on artificial neural network for risk assessment to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in workplace 1-gen-2013 Facchini FMossa GMummolo G
A model to evaluate the Human Error Probability in inspection tasks of a production system 1-gen-2023 Digiesi, SalvatoreFacchini, FrancescoMossa, GiorgioVitti, Micaela
A multi-state Markov approach for the evaluation of pasta production lines performance 1-gen-2012 MOSSA, GiorgioMUMMOLO, Giovanni +
A Nonlinear Integer Programming Model for Warehousing Sustainable Logistics 1-gen-2016 BOENZI, FrancescoDIGIESI, SalvatoreFACCHINI, FrancescoMOSSA, GiorgioMUMMOLO, Giovanni
A numerical assessment of the influence of Industry 4.0 technologies on the cognitive complexity of procedure-guided tasks 1-gen-2022 Lucchese, AndreaFacchini, FrancescoMossa, GiorgioMummolo, Giovanni +
A quality assurance process of the Model-Based Design assets of the HUBCAP platform 1-gen-2022 Sassanelli C.Mossa G. +
A RULA-Based Optimization Model for Workers’ Assignment to an Assembly Line 1-gen-2017 Digiesi, SalvatoreFacchini, FrancescoMossa, GiorgioMummolo, Giovanni
A seriuos game for testing business continuity plans in a manufacturing firm 1-gen-2014 Giorgio Mossa +
A shannon entropy graph-based model to evaluate the operator mental workload involved in procedure-guided tasks 1-gen-2020 Lucchese A.Mossa G.Mummolo G. +
A Sustainable EOQ Model for Repairable Spare Parts Under Uncertain Demand 1-gen-2015 DIGIESI, SalvatoreMOSSA, Giorgio +
A sustainable order quantity model under uncertain product demand 1-gen-2013 Digiesi, S.Mossa, G.Mummolo, G.
A Systematic Literature Review on strategies to reduce the Food Loss and Waste 1-gen-2021 Silvestri B.Facchini F.Mossa G.Mummolo G.