Calo', Giovanna

Calo', Giovanna  

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4 × 4 Integrated Switches Based on On-Chip Wireless Connection through Optical Phased Arrays 1-gen-2023 Calo' GiovannaPetruzzelli V. +
A comparative study on the induced current density in humans exposed to ELF electric fields 1-gen-2007 Calo Giovanna +
A novel GTEM cell for in vitro dosimetric experiments 1-gen-2004 Michele BozzettiGiovanna CalòAntonella D'OrazioMarco De SarioLuciano MesciaVincenzo PetruzzelliFrancesco Prudenzano
A Ray Tracing Tool for Propagation Modeling in Layered Media: A Case Study at the Chip Scale 1-gen-2022 Calò GiovannaPetruzzelli Vincenzo +
Active InGaAsP/InP Photonic Bandgap Waveguides for Wavelength-Selective Switching 1-gen-2011 CALO', GiovannaD'ORAZIO, AntonellaGRANDE, MarcoPETRUZZELLI, Vincenzo +
Active Photonic Band-Gap Switch Based on GaInNAs Multiquantum Well 1-gen-2012 Calo, GiovannaPetruzzelli, Vincenzo +
Active WDM filters on dilute nitride quantum well photonic bad gap waveguide 1-gen-2012 CALO', GiovannaPETRUZZELLI, Vincenzo +
Analysis and design of novel photonic active devices based on dilute nitrides 1-gen-2011 CALO', GiovannaD'ORAZIO, AntonellaPETRUZZELLI, Vincenzo +
Analysis of Microwave Thermal Treatment of Antique Books with Metallic Insets 1-gen-2008 CALO', GiovannaD'ORAZIO, AntonellaMESCIA, LucianoPETRUZZELLI, VincenzoPRUDENZANO, Francesco +
Analysis of the gain in Photonic Band Gap active GaInNAs waveguides 1-gen-2010 CALO', GiovannaD'ORAZIO, AntonellaPETRUZZELLI, Vincenzo +
Array of plasmonic vivaldi antennas coupled to silicon waveguides for wireless networks through on-chip optical technology - WiNOT 1-gen-2018 Calò, GiovannaAlam, BadrulPetruzzelli, Vincenzo +
Article multi-level analysis of on-chip optical wireless links 1-gen-2020 Giovanna CalòBadrul AlamVincenzo Petruzzelli +
Assessment of on-chip wireless communication networks based on integrated dielectric antennas 1-gen-2020 Calo GiovannaBozzetti M.Alam BadrulPetruzzelli V. +
Broadband Mach-Zehnder Switch for Photonic Networks on Chip 1-gen-2012 CALO', GiovannaD'ORAZIO, AntonellaPETRUZZELLI, Vincenzo
Characterization of a GTEM cell designed for the SAR evaluation in in vitro experiments 1-gen-2004 BOZZETTI, MicheleCALO', GiovannaMESCIA, LucianoPRUDENZANO, FrancescoD'ORAZIO, AntonellaPETRUZZELLI, Vincenzo +
Compact design of photonic crystal ring resonator 2×2 routers as building blocks for photonic networks on chip 1-gen-2014 CALO', GiovannaPETRUZZELLI, Vincenzo
Controlled reflectivities in self-collimating mesoscopic photonic crystal 1-gen-2014 Magno, G.GRANDE, MarcoCALO', GiovannaPETRUZZELLI, Vincenzo +
Coupling between Si-waveguides and plasmonic antennas for optical networks on chip 1-gen-2017 Calo', GiovannaBozzetti, MichelePetruzzelli, Vincenzo +
Design and optimization of high sensitivity photonic interferometric biosensors on polymeric waveguides 1-gen-2012 CALO', GiovannaPETRUZZELLI, Vincenzo +
Design of a dielectric applicator for microwave heating 1-gen-2009 BOZZETTI, MicheleCALO', GiovannaMESCIA, LucianoPETRUZZELLI, Vincenzo +