Gioia, Andrea

Gioia, Andrea  

Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile, Ambientale, del Territorio, Edile e di Chimica  

Settore ICAR/02 - Costruzioni Idrauliche e Marittime e Idrologia  

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A comparison of linear and non-linear machine learning techniques (PCA and SOM) for characterizing urban nutrient runoff 1-gen-2021 Vito IacobellisAndrea Gioia +
A framework for assessing modeling performance and effects of rainfall-catchment-drainage characteristics on nutrient urban runoff in poorly gauged watersheds 1-gen-2019 Angela GorgoglioneAndrea GioiaVito Iacobellis
A ground network for SAR-derived soil moisture product calibration, validation and exploitation in Southern Italy 1-gen-2014 IACOBELLIS, VitoGIOIA, Andrea +
A predictive model for pollutant concentrations in ungauged urban basins 1-gen-2016 Gorgoglione, AngelaGioia, AndreaIacobellis, VitoPiccinni, Alberto FerruccioRanieri, Ezio
A Rationale for Pollutograph Evaluation in Ungauged Areas, Using Daily Rainfall Patterns: Case Studies of the Apulian Region in Southern Italy 1-gen-2016 GORGOGLIONE, AngelaGIOIA, AndreaIACOBELLIS, VitoPICCINNI, Alberto FerruccioRANIERI, Ezio
A review of coupled hydrologic and crop growth models 1-gen-2019 Si Mokrane SiadVito IacobellisAndrea Gioia +
A Stormwater Management Framework for Predicting First Flush Intensity and Quantifying its Influential Factors 1-gen-2023 Gioia, AndreaIacobellis, Vito +
Analisi della variabilità dei consumi idrici a scala locale in Puglia 1-gen-2018 Gabriella BalaccoAndrea GioiaVito IacobellisAlberto Ferruccio Piccinni +
Analisi della variabilità Spazio-Temporale del LAI mediante immagini SPOT VGT 1-gen-2014 BALACCO, GabriellaTarantino, EufemiaGIOIA, AndreaIACOBELLIS, Vito +
Analisi numerica della potenza di trend detection test 1-gen-2018 Vincenzo TotaroAndrea GioiaVito Iacobellis
Analysis on flood generation processes by means of a continuous simulation model 1-gen-2006 GIOIA, AndreaIACOBELLIS, Vito +
Application of the Self-organizing Map (SOM) to Characterize Nutrient Urban Runoff 1-gen-2020 Andrea GioiaVito Iacobellis +
At-Site Assessment of a Regional Design Criterium for Water-Demand Peak Factor Evaluation 1-gen-2018 Gabriella BalaccoAndrea GioiaVito IacobellisAlberto Ferruccio Piccinni
Best Fit and Selection of Theoretical Flood Frequency Distributions Based on Different Runoff Generation Mechanisms 1-gen-2010 IACOBELLIS, VitoGIOIA, Andrea +
Build-Up/Wash-Off Monitoring and Assessment for Sustainable Management of First Flush in an Urban Area 1-gen-2015 Di Modugno, M.Gioia, A.Gorgoglione, A.Iacobellis, V.La Forgia, G.Piccinni, A. F.Ranieri, E.
Climate and Soil Controls on Flood Frequency 1-gen-2007 GIOIA, AndreaIACOBELLIS, Vito +
Comparison of different methods describing the peak runoff contributing areas during floods 1-gen-2017 Gioia, AndreaIacobellis, Vito +
Comparison of Satellite and Geomorphic Indices for Flooded Areas Detection in a Mediterranean River Basin 1-gen-2019 Vincenzo TotaroGiuseppe PeschecheraAndrea GioiaVito IacobellisUmberto Fratino
Coupled Use of Hydrologic-Hydraulic Model and Geomorphological Descriptors for Flood-Prone Areas Evaluation: A Case Study of Lama Lamasinata 1-gen-2020 Beatrice LioiAndrea GioiaVincenzo TotaroGabriella BalaccoVito IacobellisGiancarlo Chiaia
Design and management of hydraulic construction for environmental protection 1-gen-2014 Apollonio C.BALACCO, GabriellaFRATINO, UmbertoGIOIA, AndreaIACOBELLIS, VitoPICCINNI, Alberto Ferruccio +