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Computational models for the extrusion-based additive manufacturing 1-gen-2024 Pricci, Alessio
Increasing the autonomy of planetary exploration robots 1-gen-2024 Ugenti, Angelo
Filament-based Material Extrusion Additive Manufacturing of composites and ceramics 1-gen-2024 Morfini, Luigi
Search for Dark Matter Produced in Association With a Higgs Boson in the Four Leptons Final State Using Run II Data at √s = 13 TeV With the CMS Experiment 1-gen-2021 Aly, Reham
On the structural response of flat-bottom silos under seismic excitation: Analytical developments and experimental investigations 1-gen-2024 Mansour, Sulyman
From point cloud to parametric 3D model: polygonal modelling approach for optimising Scan to H-BIM and Scan to H-FEM processes 1-gen-2024 Alfio, Vincenzo Saverio
Data-driven methods for qualitative and quantitative characterisation of coastal aquifers 1-gen-2024 Alfio, Maria Rosaria
Innovative control techniques of a modular multilevel converter for improving the efficiency of electrified ships 1-gen-2024 D'Amato, Davide
Optimization approaches in distributed systems 1-gen-2024 Volpe, Gaetano
Control systems and optimization methods for industrial logistics 1-gen-2024 Tresca, Giulia
Computational methodologies for radiogenomics and digital pathology 1-gen-2024 Prencipe, Berardino
Robust optimal demand-side management in smart grids 1-gen-2021 Hosseini, Seyed Mohsen
Development of plastic scintillators with SiPM readout for satellite-borne astroparticle physics experiments 1-gen-2024 Pillera, Roberta
Design and fabrication of fiber optic sensors and systems for aerospace applications 1-gen-2024 Annunziato, Andrea
High Q-factor photonic cavities as new transducers for photothermal spectroscopy 1-gen-2023 Mendoza Castro, Jesus Hernan
Green and social process patterns for sustainable businesses: lessons learned from Italian Benefit Corporations 1-gen-2024 Nuzzi, Angela
Graph neural networks for recommendation leveraging multimodal information 1-gen-2024 Malitesta, Daniele
Non-stationary approach in the spatio-temporal analysis of precipitation time series 1-gen-2024 Lioi, Beatrice
Adjoint methods and Bayesian data assimilation for modeling the thermoacoustic behaviour of premixed flames 1-gen-2024 Giannotta, Alessandro
Holistic approach to design a fuel cell hybrid system for maritime application 1-gen-2024 Saponaro, Gianmarco
Prodotti della tipologia (ordinati per Data di deposito in Decrescente ordine): 1 a 20 di 304
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  • Musicco, Antonella2
  • Abrescia, Angelamaria1
  • Ahmed, Elhussein Mohamed Fouad Mo...1
  • Ajo', Gabriele1
  • Alfio, Maria Rosaria1
  • Alfio, Vincenzo Saverio1
  • Allegretti, Nicoletta Maria1
  • Alnajajreh, Abedelkareem J M1
  • Alo', Roberta1
  • Altieri, Maria Giovanna1
Data di pubblicazione
  • 2020 - 2024211
  • 2010 - 201992
  • 2005 - 20091
  • Politecnico di Bari300
Settore disciplinare
  • Settore ING-INF/05 - Sistemi di E...20
  • Settore ING-INF/03 - Telecomunica...18
  • Settore ICAR/02 - Costruzioni Idr...16
  • Settore ING-IND/14 - Progettazion...15
  • Settore ING-IND/16 - Tecnologie e...15
  • Settore ICAR/09 - Tecnica delle C...14
  • Settore ING-IND/08 - Macchine a F...14
  • Settore ING-INF/02 - Campi Elettr...14
  • Settore ING-INF/04 - Automatica13
  • Settore ING-INF/01 - Elettronica12
  • machine learning8
  • deep learning7
  • Machine Learning6
  • artificial intelligence5
  • climate change4
  • Energy Harvesting4
  • industry 4.04
  • Internet of Things4
  • additive manufacturing3
  • analytical models3
  • eng269
  • ita39
  • fre2
  • spa2
  • ara1
  • ber1
  • ger1
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