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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
3D nozzle flow simulations including state-to-state kinetics calculation 1-gen-2014 Cutrone LPascazio G +
The 52 brightest and hardest GRBs detected with the Gamma-ray Burst Monitor on Fermi 1-gen-2011 Bissaldi, Elisabetta
Angular response of narrow band 2D-PBG guided wave filters 1-gen-2004 CIMINELLI, CaterinaPASSARO, VittorioARMENISE, Mario Nicola +
Applications of Computer Simulation Methods in Plastic Forming Technologies for Magnesium Alloys 1-gen-2007 G. PalumboL. Tricarico +
Biomass integrated gas turbine and ORC combined cycle: Layout and performance analysis 1-gen-2019 Dambrosio, LorenzoTorresi, MarcoCamporeale, Sergio M.Fornarelli, Francesco
Calibration of the GLAST Burst Monitor detectors 1-gen-2007 Bissaldi, E. +
CFD analysis of the squeeze film damping mechanism in the first stage of servovalves 1-gen-2019 Paolo TamburranoPietro De PalmaElia DistasoRiccardo Amirante +
Chaos and Noise-Driven Emergence of Order from Disorder 1-gen-2005 RIZZO, Alessandro +
Characterization of PLA parts made with AM process 1-gen-2018 Spina, RobertoCavalcante, BrunoLavecchia, Fulvio
A comprehensive study of PLA material relationships for fused filament fabricated part performances 1-gen-2019 Spina, RobertoLavecchia, FulvioGalantucci, Luigi M. +
Constant Pressure Axisymmetric Compression of an Aggregate of Identical, Elastic, Frictional Spheres 1-gen-2009 LA RAGIONE, Luigi +
Coupled solution of Boltzmann equation and non equilibrium vibrational kinetics in H2 volume discharges: An analysis of the input data 1-gen-1990 R. Celiberto +
Cross section data for negative ion sources 1-gen-2007 Celiberto R +
Crystallization of isotactic polypropylene in different shear regimes 1-gen-2017 Spina, Roberto +
Data-based fuzzy logic control tenchnique appied to a wind turbine - Synchronous generator system 1-gen-2019 Lorenzo Dambrosio
Dependency of the slip phenomenon on the inertial forces inside radial runners 1-gen-2019 Capurso, TommasoStefanizzi, MichelePascazio, GiuseppeCamporeale, Sergio MarioTorresi, Marco
Discharging shape influence on the performance of a latent heat thermal energy storage 1-gen-2019 Fornarelli, FrancescoTorresi, MarcoOresta, PaoloDambrosio, LorenzoCamporeale, Sergio Mario +
Dynamics of elementary processes and modeling of negative D− sources 1-gen-1994 R. Celiberto +
Electron molecule cross sections relevant to negative ion sources and divertor plasmas. 1-gen-1996 Celiberto, R +
Electron-impact cross sections for processes involving vibrationally excited diatomic hydrogen molecules 1-gen-2002 Celiberto R +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 71
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