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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
Linear and non-linear flow mode in Pb–Pb collisions at sNN=2.76 TeV 1-gen-2017 Bruno, G. E. +
Linear and non-linear transient behaviour of a separated flow 1-gen-2008 CHERUBINI, StefaniaDE PALMA, Pietro +
Linear and non-linear ultrasonic techniques for the evaluation of stress-induced damage in concrete 1-gen-2020 A. CastellanoA. FraddosioM. D. Piccioni +
Linear and Nonlinear Control of Distributed Power Generation Systems 1-gen-2006 Marco Liserre +
Linear and nonlinear optimal growth mechanisms for generating turbulent bands 1-gen-2022 E. ParenteP. De PalmaS. Cherubini +
Linear and Nonlinear Ultrasonic Techniques for Monitoring Stress-Induced Damages in Concrete 1-gen-2021 Castellano, AnnaFraddosio, AguinaldoPiccioni, Mario Daniele +
A linear approach to optimize an EMG-driven neuromusculoskeletal model for movement intention detection in myo-control: a case study on shoulder and elbow joints 1-gen-2018 Domenico BuongiornoVitoantonio Bevilacqua +
A Linear Array Mutual Coupling Compensation Technique for Angle of Arrival Estimation 1-gen-2021 Florio, AntonelloAvitabile, Gianfranco
Linear Control Theory for modeling and performance evaluation of ATM congestion control algorithms 1-gen-1997 MASCOLO, Saverio +
Linear Control Theory for Modelling, Designing, and Performance Evaluation of ATM Congestion Control Algorithms 1-gen-2000 MASCOLO, Saverio
Linear elastic contact of the Weierstrass profile 1-gen-2000 CIAVARELLA, MicheleDEMELIO, Giuseppe Pompeo +
Linear Elements in The Classification of High Spatial Resolution Satellite Imagery 1-gen-2001 CAPRIOLI, MauroTARANTINO, Eufemia
Linear Filtering of 2-D wavelet coefficients for denoising ultrasound medical images 1-gen-2012 ANDRIA, GregorioATTIVISSIMO, FilippoCAVONE, GiuseppeGIAQUINTO, NicolaLANZOLLA, Anna Maria Lucia
A linear optimization procedure for an EMG-driven neuromusculoskeletal model parameters adjusting: Validation through a myoelectric exoskeleton control 1-gen-2016 Buongiorno, DomenicoBevilacqua, Vitoantonio +
A Linear Physical Programming approach to Power Flow and Energy Storage Optimization in Smart Grids Models 1-gen-2015 MELONI, CarloMASCOLO, Saverio +
Linear stability analysis of fluid-structure interaction problems with an immersed boundary method 1-gen-2023 Tirri, ANitti, AGiannetti, Fde Tullio, MD +
Linear subspaces of finite fields with large inverse-closed subsets 1-gen-2013 Csajbok B.
A Linear Technique for Artifacts Correction and Compensation in Phase Interferometric Angle of Arrival Estimation 1-gen-2022 Florio A.Avitabile G.Coviello G.
A Linear Triplatinum Tetrahydride Complex Featuring two Pt-Pt bonds 1-gen-2008 MASTRORILLI, Pietro
Linearization of A/D converters by dither and Chebyshev polynomials 1-gen-2004 Adamo FAndria GAttivissimo FGiaquinto N
Mostrati risultati da 15.385 a 15.404 di 30.738
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