Garavelli, Achille Claudio

Garavelli, Achille Claudio  

Dipartimento di Meccanica, Matematica e Management  

Settore ING-IND/35 - Ingegneria Economico-Gestionale  

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A Classification of industrial symbiosis networks: A focus on materials and energy recovery 1-gen-2013 Albino, VitoGaravelli, Achille ClaudioRomano, Vincenzo Alessio
A Colored Petri Net Tool for the Design of Robotic Palletizing Cells 1-gen-2023 Stella S.Scarabaggio P.Carli R.Lisi S.Garavelli A. C.Dotoli M. +
A cost analysis of supply chain flexibility configurations 1-gen-2006 GARAVELLI, Achille ClaudioGIANNOCCARO, Ilaria Filomena +
A heuristic method for the estimation of the project duration in a stochastic network scheduling 1-gen-1995 Garavelli, Achille ClaudioPontrandolfo, Pierpaolo
A knowledge framework for problem solving in the worldwide manufacturing competition 1-gen-2003 Claudio GaravelliMichele Gorgoglione
A literature review on markets for ideas: Emerging characteristics and unanswered questions 1-gen-2014 NATALICCHIO, AngeloMESSENI PETRUZZELLI, AntonioGARAVELLI, Achille Claudio
A methodology for the vulnerability analysis of just-in-time production systems 1-gen-1995 ALBINO, VitoGARAVELLI, Achille Claudio
A metric for measuring Knowledge Codification in Organisation Learning 1-gen-2001 Albino, V.Garavelli, A. C. +
A neural network application to subcontractor rating in construction firms 1-gen-1998 Albino, V.Garavelli, A. C.
A system dynamics model to analyze technology districts' evolution in a knowledge-based perspective 1-gen-2010 Dangelico, Rosa MariaGaravelli, Achille ClaudioPetruzzelli, Antonio Messeni
Alcuni aspetti della crescita di un’impresa guida in un distretto industriale del Mezzogiorno 1-gen-1996 ALBINO, VitoGARAVELLI, Achille Claudio
Alcuni aspetti della crescita di un’impresa guida in un distretto industriale del Mezzogiorno, L’Industria, n. 4, pp. 731-747, 1996 1-gen-1996 ALBINO, VitoGARAVELLI, Achille Claudio
Benefiting from markets for ideas - An investigation across different typologies 1-gen-2013 GARAVELLI, Achille ClaudioMESSENI PETRUZZELLI, AntonioNATALICCHIO, Angelo +
Classification of Industrial Symbiosis Systems: A focus on materials and energy recovery 1-gen-2012 ALBINO, VitoGARAVELLI, Achille Claudio +
Contractors and Subcontractors in the Construction Industry: Problems and Perspectives of Inter-Organization Models 1-gen-1997 CARBONARA, NunziaCOSTANTINO, NicolaGARAVELLI, Achille Claudio
Cooperation among production chains to mitigate their environmental impact 1-gen-2009 Albino, V.Garavelli, A. C.Messeni Petruzzelli, A.Yazan, D. M.
Economic and environmental performance of agro-energy production chains 1-gen-2008 ALBINO, VitoGARAVELLI, Achille ClaudioMESSENI PETRUZZELLI, Antonio +
Efficiency measures of industrial symbiosis network using enterprise input-output analysis 1-gen-2014 Luca FraccasciaAchille Claudio GaravelliVito Albino
Findings from the SEMINA project: algorithms for monitoring, evaluating and predicting the performance of urban traffic in a smart mobility setting 1-gen-2014 Raffaele CarliMariagrazia DotoliNicola EpicocoClaudio GaravelliStefano Lisi +
Flexibility configurations for the supply chain management 1-gen-2003 Garavelli, Achille Claudio