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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
Influence of the Second-Order Uniaxial Anisotropy on the Dynamical Proprieties of Magnetic Tunnel Junctions 1-gen-2017 Tomasello, R.CARPENTIERI, Mario +
Influence of the shape on the roughness-induced transition 1-gen-2015 Cherubini, S. +
Influence of the Spool Velocity on The Performance of a Directional Hydraulic Valve 1-gen-2013 ORESTA, PaoloLIPPOLIS, Antonio Donato +
The influence of the statistical properties of self-affine surfaces in elastic contacts: A numerical investigation 1-gen-2012 PUTIGNANO, CarmineAFFERRANTE, LucianoCARBONE, GiuseppeDEMELIO, Giuseppe Pompeo
The influence of the truncation window size on the quantitative thermographic results after a pulsed test on an aluminium sample: comparison among different post-processing algorithms 1-gen-2019 Ester D'AccardiDavide PalumboRosanna TamborrinoUmberto Galietti
Influence of the weights in IHS and Brovey methods for pan-sharpening WorldView-3 satellite images 1-gen-2017 Massimiliano Pepe +
Influence of the wind tunnel model characteristics on the loading and response of cable-net hyperbolic paraboloid roofs 1-gen-2023 Rizzo F. +
Influence of thermal contact resistance on frictionally excited thermoelastic instability (TEI) 1-gen-2004 M. CiavarellaL. Afferrante +
The influence of traffic, geometric and context variables on urban crash types: A grouped random parameter multinomial logit approach 1-gen-2020 Paolo IntiniNicola BerlocoVittorio Ranieri +
Influence of Tuning Fork Resonance Properties on Quartz-Enhanced Photoacoustic Spectroscopy Performance 1-gen-2019 Pietro PatimiscoAngelo SampaoloVincenzo Spagnolo +
The influence of uncertainties of infill panels relative to the seismic response of RC existing buildings 1-gen-2014 Porco FUva G +
The Influence of Vegetation on Slope Stability 1-gen-1997 Cherubini, CGiasi, C
Influence of vehicle characteristics on skidding risk 1-gen-2014 Colonna PPerruccio ARanieri V
Influence of wax additives on the properties of porous asphalts 1-gen-2017 RANIERI, VittorioBERLOCO, NicolaCOLONNA, Pasquale +
Influence of weathering processes on the mechanical behaviour of an italian clay 1-gen-2000 CAFARO, FrancescoCOTECCHIA, FedericaCHERUBINI, Claudio
Influence of zig-zag and warping effects on buckling of functionally graded sandwich plates according to sinusoidal shear deformation theories 1-gen-2017 Cinefra M. +
Influence on Vine Production of Innovative Covering Plastic Films 1-gen-2012 Scarascia Mugnozza G +
Influences of Geometric Configuration on the Analysis of Uncertainties Affecting a Novel Configuration of Self-Tracking LDV 1-gen-2013 Fabbiano LVACCA, Gaetano +
Influences of Leaf Area Index estimations on water balance modeling in a Mediterranean semi-arid basin 1-gen-2009 IACOBELLIS, Vito +
Influencing ideas and inspirations. Scenarios as an instrument in evaluation 1-gen-2003 Barbanente, A. +
Mostrati risultati da 14.418 a 14.437 di 33.522
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